Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Who can’t resist the lure of chocolate? Me, me, me!  As I sit down typing now, the rain pouring down outside, the miserable dark sky is making me long for comfort. We shouldn’t be thinking of comfort food in July, we should be thinking of barbecues and salads!  Well this is the UK I suppose.

I’m just thinking about a couple of mint infused bars of chocolate in my cupboard that need to be used up, they will make fab brownies but in the meantime I found myself thinking of the chocolate cupcakes I baked last weekend for my RSPCA stall.

Once again I found myself looking towards the Primrose Bakery recipe book, this time the first one all about cupcakes.  I always find my chocolate items sell out first on my stalls, the Rocky Road is a winner, then the Brownies and followed by my chocolate cupcakes.  I don’t know why this is but I do know I love chocolate.

I baked my chocolate cupcakes in my usual way, using brown muffin cases from Morrisons.  I always find the supermarket cupcake cases do a fantastic job, they never come away from the side of the cake. They are not greasy and they do not lose their colour. Why pay loads of  money for cases with a fantastic design only to find they don’t do the job?

From stall to stall I try to vary the design on the top of the cupcake.  I always use the same type of chocolate frosting, the Primrose Bakery one is gorgeous. I always make double the quantity though and it tastes yummy because it uses real chocolate in the mixture, not cocoa powder.  At the moment I have a lot of mini fudge chunks which I bought from Lakeland in a tub.  They’re lovely to sprinkle on cupcakes or bake in cookies.  I’ve even caught my 12 year old son nicking some to put on top of his ice cream!

I was pleased that the chocolate cupcakes also sold out on my stall along with the carrot ones from my previous post.

 My chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate icing sprinkled with Lakeland Mini Fudge chunks.  I also put some sugar animals on the top of some of the other cakes, this was to fit in with the RSPCA theme of the stall.

The chocolate cupcakes on my stand along with some carrot cupcakes.  

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