Chocolate Labradors- "Charlies"

As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve been reading my previous blog posts I’m currently enjoying baking through the two Primrose Bakery recipe books.  These two books are rapidly becoming cake mix spattered with sticky bits of icing sugar on the pages.  I am becoming addicted, waiting for my next baking fix.

Each time I look through the second book “The Primrose Bakery”, my eyes kept being drawn back to a cookie recipe.  As my first love is baking cookies, I couldn’t resist the cute Sausage Dog cookie recipe.  In the book, the chocolate shortbread dog biscuits are shaped like sausage dogs because they are made to look like the owners’ dog Charlie!  Well I have my very own Charlie too at home, it must be a popular name for a dog!  My Charlie is an 8 month old black labrador puppy, who is the apple of my eye and my 3rd child!

My puppy Charlie at 6 weeks old when we went to choose him (or did he choose us?)

I needed to make some hand decorated cookies to sell on a local charity stall last weekend.  I usually make very highly decorated cookies using royal icing or fondant icing.  However I did not have as much time last weekend to make them, so the idea of the Chocolate Charlies came about.

In my vast selection of cookie cutters I found two Labrador shapes, one was more detailed than the other and had thinner legs. I thought this might make the legs break so I found a more simple one from a set I bought in Lakeland about 5 years ago that had 101 plastic cookie cutters in it.  I think this cutter was used a couple of years back when I made dalmatian cookies for a friend’s son.

I made up the dough in my Kitchen Aid using the dough hook attachment then let the dough chill for about 1/2 hour in the fridge.  When it was chilled it rolled out much easier.  I got about 35 cookies from the mixture.

They baked well in the oven for about 12-15 minutes then once cooled I set about icing them.

According to the picture in the Primrose Bakery book you can use any decorations or sprinkles you have lying about.  I wanted to use a mixture too so that I could use up leftovers.  I had some mini heart sprinkles left, some lilac sugar sprinkles, some yellow sprinkles and finally some pink and white sugar balls.  I had fun decorating the biscuits, just putting some fondant icing on the top of the cookies around the neck to make a collar.  Then I tipped loads of sprinkles on, making a huge mess all over my work top and the floor!  My hubby always moans about this, he says it’s painful when you stand on a silver ball with no shoes on!

This is a rubbish picture as I’m always forgetting to get my camera out at the right time. I put the cookies into clear cellophane bags with 4 at a time.  The eyes were quickly piped on with a dot of royal icing.
The Chocolate Charlie biscuits worked out well in the end and I’ll definitely be baking these again! 
Happy Baking.
Sam x

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