Mint Chocolate Brownies

Who else out there likes brownies? I don’t know many people that don’t. I would love to know what it is that brownies have that send people into raptures, is it the chocolate?  The fact that there’s rather a lot of sugar in them? Or that the chocolately gooey gorgeousness just melts in the mouth.  

I first started making brownies about 5 years ago when I developed a tried and tested foolproof recipe which I’ve used ever since.  I was delighted when I sold out on a local village fair stall I had. A man came up to me and proposed to me after buying a bag of my brownies. He then bought another bag, no I didn’t take him up on his offer as I am already happily married to Mr S!  
Now, as I am having a go at this Primrose Bakery recipe book challenge I was interested to see that there was a recipe for brownies in their second book.  My mouth was watering looking at the accompanying photo.  Brownies, for me are so useful.  They are great for an afternoon tea, they make a fabulously indulgent dessert and you can also use them as gifts placed in a pretty tin.
Yesterday lunch time was the time to test them out.  My mum was staying with us for the weekend and I decided to have the brownies for dessert after roast beef with all the trimmings.
The information given with the recipe said that the Primrose Bakery didn’t often serve up brownies in their cafes.  I am most surprised about this, they would be popular.  I bet they would disappear very quickly.
I like to adapt recipes to suit what I have in the kitchen cupboard.  I had two bars of Lindt Mint Intense chocolate to use up. I usually make Mint Crackle cookies with them in the winter but I had a huge craving to bake mint brownies.  The recipe called for using 275g chocolate (I only had 200g spare!) and extra chocolate chips.  I used a bag of dark chocolate chunks as well.  Another substitution was that I used organic cocoa powder in place of expresso powder and peppermint extract in place of the vanilla extract. I was concerned that the mint flavour would be overpowering, but it was worth a try.
The method for making the brownies was exactly the same as I already do and I enjoyed the melting of the chocolate and butter in the microwave first. It was torture seeing the melted chocolate in the bowl, I just wanted to dive into it!  
It was also time to reuse a fantastic cake tin my mum had bought for me a few weeks back.  It is a special brownie pan with a loose bottom with a special rack which divides the brownies into 18 equal squares.  I was thrilled to bits with it as I am a sucker for new gadgets, this will definitely get loads of use!
The brownies were slightly deeper than the usual ones I make as the quantities of ingredients were bigger.  I was very nervous as they were baking in the oven as I had completely forgotten to set the timer.  
Finally the brownies were ready to come out.  The surface had cracked across the top and I let the brownies cool down before cutting them with the divider.  I then placed them on my white cake stand ready for dessert.
Mr S had bought some mint choc chip ice cream when he had gone shopping earlier, which perfectly contrasted with the brownies.  We had a tiny piece with a small scoop of ice cream and were very pleased with it.  I will definitely bake more brownies like these!
The remaining brownies were divided into two. I gave some to my Mum to share with her work colleagues and was intending to keep some for later in the week.  However, when I started to divide them I noticed we were four down!  My mum spotted telltale chocolate crumbs in the dining room near my son’s XBox!  He had scoffed the lot although as expected he denied it!  In the end we kept only 4 so we could have another piece at tea time with a sandwich.
Thankyou to the Primrose Bakery for such a lovely brownie recipe and we will definitely be making this one over and over again.
Mint Chocolate Brownies adapted from a recipe in  the Primrose Bakery CookBook.
Happy Baking!
Sam xx

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  1. Hello! Love the font! Poss to get it a bit bigger ? think my eyes are tired ;)Love the proposal story-V funny!Like eggs; but keep drawing my eyes to themHTH, Jo x


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