The Primrose Bakery’s Mars Bar Cake

Yesterday morning I was in experimental mode.  As it is the school holidays so I have six weeks off from my day job as a teaching assistant/ supply cover in a local primary school, it means I have more time to “play” with recipes and try out new things.  Most of my Yorkshire Bakery commissions and baking for stalls is done    at the weekends, on a Friday (which is my day off) or in the evenings when I am stood in the kitchen baking after everyone else has gone up to bed.  So, yesterday morning was an absolute treat for me in lots of ways.

My children moan that I never bake for the family, it’s always for customers. So I decided to prove them wrong with this sweet and sticky treat.

The Mars Bar Cake is featured in the second Primrose Bakery Recipe Book and if you like making chocolate crispie cakes than this recipe will be perfect for you.  The notes at the top of the page say it is a best seller in the Primrose Bakery but it is not really a cake, just a sweet and sticky treat that is hard to resist!

All you had to do was to melt butter and golden syrup in a pan on a gentle heat.  Then you add 6 (yes 6 standard size) Mars Bars chopped up into the pan.  I was concerned that the Mars Bars would burn due to the high sugar and glucose content, but I took the pan off the heat very quickly.  The heat that was still in the pan helped it to finish off melting.  The recipe called for 200g cornflakes, which I added bit by bit to ensure they got an even coating.

As this is a no bake cake I pressed the mixture into a greased sandwich tin. The picture next to the recipe shows the Mars Bar cake cut into slices, very confusing as it clearly was made in a rectangular tin not circular. I stuck with an 8″ sandwich tin.

Two hours later and my two children were begging me to get the cake out of the fridge and cut it up. I did, into 8 slices of rich gorgeousness.  I am ashamed to say I wolfed down a slice, no wonder I’m going to be the fattest person on the beach this summer!

Amazingly though, it had all disappeared by teatime. We must have cake fairies in the house!

All ready and waiting for the pouncing hands!  
My daughter said that she liked the cake so much could I make it again for her birthday but using Snickers Bars?  It made me wonder what chocolate bars you could use instead, I like the idea of melted Bounty Bars, not sure if it would work though but I bet it would be fun trying!
Happy Baking!
Love Sam x

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