Honey and Granola Cupcakes

After the big urge to bake muffins yesterday, I found myself wanting to bake more and more!  The dozen blueberry muffins which would have been suitable for this morning’s breakfast had all disappeared.  My cake fairies have been at it again!  No, no it wasn’t me!  I did eat one, but I can’t be blamed for the other 11!

So, I had to set to and make another batch for this morning.  I have been up early walking the dog so I quickly got the mixture made up while the dog was running about outside and eating his breakfast.  I gave him a quick walk round the village so we could have muffins when we came back!
Today, I chose another Primrose Bakery favourite from their Cupcakes From The Primrose Bakery book. I have made their Honey and Granola Cupcakes (though to me they are muffins) several times and although I did not have any homemade granola, I substituted some Dorset Cereals muesli that was in our kitchen cupboard.  They are a perfect treat and I prefer to eat them plain with a large cup of coffee.  The Primrose Bakery book also suggests spreading the top with honey or butter or even topping them with a cream cheese icing.  To me, that is far too much and I enjoy them au naturel!
As with the blueberry and polenta muffins from yesterday, the muffins were more like cupcakes with butter and that you creamed the mixture together.  Then, the dry ingredients were combined and you alternated adding these with all the wet ingredients (egg, vanilla extract,  runny honey. milk and yoghurt) until it was evenly mixed. Finally I added the muesli/ granola, though I did check that there weren’t any large nuts in it.
Once this was ready to go into the oven I found my stash of muffin cases. I got out a set of cases I bought a couple of years ago when I was in Malmo in Sweden.  They are definitely too big for cupcakes but perfect for muffins! There was enough mixture to fill the cases to two thirds full and they rose beautifully in the oven. They baked for about 25 minutes. I was out walking the dog while they were in the oven but I asked my daughter to check on them.  As she is studying GCSE Catering and Hospitality I thought she could have a bit of practice over the holiday.  I didn’t need to worry.
One tip that was given is that you leave the muffins to cool down in the tin before moving them to a wire rack.  I have learned this the hard way, that they can often disintegrate or go squishy if moved too soon!
Once again the Honey and Granola Muffins did not disappoint.  As I type there are still half of them left in the tin but that could change!
Here are the Honey and Granola Muffins all dusted with icing sugar and ready to serve.
Happy Baking!
Sam xx

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