The Yorkshire Bake Off Challenge #3: Treacle Tart

So, here it is!  The next bake in the Yorkshire Bake Off online bake off challenge is:
Mary Berry’s Treacle Tart (which is featured in the latest Showstoppers book on pages 186-7)
You can also find it on the BBC website following the link here:
I chose the treacle tart as several of my friends on Twitter had suggested it as well as me asking my hubby what I should go for next.  He loves treacle tart and seeing as I’ve only ever baked it once (and burned it) it will be a huge challenge for me!  I’m surprised our jaws weren’t permanently wired together after eating it!
If you would like to take part, the closing date is at Midnight on Sunday 28th October 2012.
Send your photos to me via Twitter (@YorkshireBakery) or via email to       
Please remember THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!  Mary’s tart involved woven interlocking lattice patterns on top, you don’t have to do this!  Decorate your tart in the way you want, be as creative as you wish!
Once again, my lovely hubby Doug will be the judge, though he wishes he could actually sample your bakes!
Any questions, please feel free to ask.
Happy Baking!
Love Sam xx

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