A Passion For Baking- Chocolate Malteser Cake

In case you didn’t know I am just a teeny weeny bit obsessed by Maltesers. I don’t know why but all I do know is that a funsize bag is never enough.  But why call it fun size as there’s no fun in something that is so small you hardly get anything to eat in it?  Neither to me are those seal-able ones any good to me!  Do they seal up? Only if you are virtuous, unlike me who just tips them down her neck as fast as you can.

A week or so ago I was asked to make a chocolate celebration cake and once again turned to one of my favourite recipe books “A Passion For Baking” by Jo Wheatley.  I noticed the rather decadent but easily decorated chocolate cake with Maltesers on top which was ideal as a birthday cake or for other celebrations.  The picture which accompanied it was rather mouthwatering and I thought that it would go down exceptionally well.  What I was panicking about was that I had had an extremely busy week , the terrible chocolate cravings had kicked in and I would be stuffing the Maltesers in my mouth and not on top of the cake!

So, after a busy Thursday at school, the children arrived home on the school bus, I had walked my dog and I thought I would set to in the kitchen.  It was cold and damp outside and my kitchen was warm and inviting.  I had 300g of delicious Green and Blacks organic chocolate and two standard bags of Maltesers.  All I had to do was to conjure up some cake magic.

The cake recipe itself was simple enough, everything was mixed together in my Kitchen Aid using a creaming method and then the melted chocolate was folded in.  The gorgeous smelling mixture baked in my oven for about 25 minutes in two 8″ diameter sandwich tins. All this took about 3/4 hour, while the cakes were baking I managed to prep the veg and the meat for our casserole for dinner.

After dinner the cakes had cooled down sufficiently for me to assemble the cake.  I sandwiched the two cakes together with a chocolate ganache. Jo suggested piping the ganache onto the middle and top, this I didn’t do, I just used my large pallette knife.  There was enough to provide a thick layer in the middle and the top, so I did not have to skimp on portions.  The Maltesers were placed around the edge of the cake and in a pattern, then I found some leftover chocolate strands from when I had used them on top of chocolate cupcakes.

I am pleased to say I did not touch a single Malteser. I was so surprised but then I only had two bags to decorate the top, if I had had more would that have been the case? Probably not.

When I handed the cake to it’s recipient she was delighted and said it was the best chocolate cake she had ever tasted. I was so pleased but it was thanks to Jo Wheatley’s recipe.  I think sometimes when you get compliments like that, it really makes your day, especially if you have moments when you don’t feel so confident.

Happy Baking!
Love Sam xx

Chocolate Malteser Celebration Cake as baked from Jo Wheatley’s  “A Passion For Baking” recipe book.

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