St Patrick’s Day Cookies and Cakes.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

 I am not Irish although my husband has Irish ancestors on his Dad’s side of his family, his paternal granddad was Irish apparently.   In previous years Sam’s Smart Cookies made St Patrick’s Day cupcakes and cookies for orders but this year I have been so busy with my day job and other commitments I haven’t been able to offer my usual array of goodies.  It’s a shame as earlier on this year I bought some fantastic cookie cutters made by Wilton from Ebay in America so I could make some different cookies. The cookie cutters have now been discontinued, sadly. Sadly that wasn’t to be but I am working on some new designs for next year so watch this space!

So, instead I will share my previous year’s cupcakes and cookies with you.  Have a look at the photos below and see what you think!

Green and White Shamrock Vanilla Cookies topped with green and white sugarpaste and finished with green stalk detail.
Green and White Shamrock Vanilla Cookies topped with green and white sugarpaste and finished with green stalk detail.
These were made as Good Luck cookies but have also been made as St Patrick’s Day cookies using my four leaf clover cutter. These cookies were topped with Kelly Green edible glitter (now not used for edible use).
Shamrock cookie version two, this version has an extra dark green shamrock on top of the others with the details. These are vanilla sugar cookies.

Now here is a selection of St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes that I have made over the previous years. I want to make more designs and will add to the post as I make them.

Vanilla Cupcakes baked in St Patrick’s Day cupcake cases sourced from Wilton via Ebay. I topped these with my vanilla buttercream and finished them with a sprinkling of shamrock sugar shapes, again from Wilton.
These were a peppermint cupcake with a delicate peppermint flavour in both the cake and the green coloured frosting. The giant Shamrock sugar shapes were found on Ebay and they too were peppermint flavoured.
Not a very good picture but these were taken on my old phone camera, which was useless! These vanilla cupcakes were topped with a delicate green fondant icing and finished with handmade shamrock shapes.

For the Shamrock cupcake cases I bought some dark green ones as made by Wilton from Sugarshack, to find out more, please click here.

The top of the Shamrock Cupcakes showing the detail on the shamrock motif.

And finally here are my large cakes!  I absolutely love my Shamrock shaped cake pan which I bought on Ebay from Wilton.  It is perfect not only for making Good Luck cakes but for celebrating St Patricks’ Day as well. There are some fab decorating ideas, as well as tasty recipes on the Wilton website which I find very useful.

This shamrock shaped cake was originally made as a Good Luck cake for a work colleague leaving but can easily be adapted as a cake for St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

A Chocolate and Guinness Cake as featured in Delia Smith’s latest book “Cakes” . I made this cake earlier on today as our Sunday lunch dessert.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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