Caramelised Onion Pissaladiere- The Great British Bake Off Everyday.

On August 1st I was excited when my pre-ordered copy of the latest Great British Bake Off book arrived in the post.  As soon as a new recipe book like this arrives I’m like a child in a sweetie shop.  Mind you I’m like that in a sweetie shop as well but that’s another story!

I couldn’t bake something from the book straightaway as we were due off on holiday to Spain for a week.  It’s funny how baking doesn’t even enter your head when you are away on holiday.  I even packed the book in my hand luggage and looked at it on the plane much to the embarrassment of my hubby and kids but once we got there I forgot about it!

One thing I did remember though was that I’d left a load of onions in the fridge while we were away and I had all the ingredients to make Pissaladiere when we got back.

Pissaladiere according to the recipe introduction notes is: “a yeasted dough base (from Provence) flavoured with thyme and olive oil covered with a rich mix of onions, anchovies and olives (and sometimes slices of tomato).”  It is also ideal to be eaten “cut into large squares for lunch or into fingers for a starter or to serve with drinks”  

I was keen to make my own Pissaladiere after tasting a delicious one as a starter in the Cote D’Azur town of Vence about 7 years ago. My hubby and I went there for three days on our own and toured the area including Cannes, Nice and Monaco.  We had some delicious meals including one in a restaurant in the square in Vence.  I had a Pissaladiere for a starter but I am sure it wasn’t a dough base more like puff pastry. I remember it being more like a tart.  I had to take the anchovies off as I don’t like them but the rest was utterly sublime.

Here is how I made the Great British Bake Off version (minus anchovies!!)

Ten large onions had to be peeled and chopped first!  I was crying like mad as they were so strong!
Ten large onions had to be peeled and chopped first! I was crying like mad as they were so strong!
What a lot of onions!
Here are the onions cooking slowly on the hob. I took the lid off from time to time to stir them. They cooked at this level for about 30 minutes or so.

The onions then had to be cooked slowly in a flameproof casserole which had olive oil in it.  The lid was kept on and the onions were cooked gently. Had I been adding anchovies I would have added them here!  After the onions had cooked, up went the heat and I added some thyme. It was meant to be fresh thyme but I didn’t have any so I had to use dried.

While the onions were cooking I made up the dough base. This was made in a similar way to a regular pizza base. I found the kneading very relaxing and therapeautic!

The ball of kneaded dough was then put into a large bowl, covered with cling film and left in my warm utility room for about 1 1/2 hours until it had doubled in size!

I kept checking on the dough every now and again though it was frustrating. My hubby and kids came into the kitchen saying they were hungry. I really wish I had got more organised and made the dough earlier but I had been out shopping for the week and was catching up after our holiday!

The dough was then knocked back and rolled into a large rectangle which was big enough to fit onto a greased baking sheet. This I found tricky as it didn’t want to do what I wanted it to do!!
The cooled caramelised onions are laid on top of the dough so they are tightly packed. The herby smell was absolutely gorgeous, what a delicious taste of France!
I found a tin of pitted black olives in my cupboard and put them on the top of the pissaladiere. No tomatoes on this version!
Don’t look at the burnt bits! Here is the finished Pissaladiere all cut up and ready to be eaten!

The dough came out a lot thicker than I expected and next time I will roll the dough out a lot thinner!  It was well worth the wait.  My kids aren’t huge onion tart eaters but they liked this and my hubby loved it. A square with a large salad and vinaigrette was absolutely gorgeous washed down with a glass of chilled French rose!

Happy Baking or should I say “Bon Appetit?”

Love Sam xx

2 responses to “Caramelised Onion Pissaladiere- The Great British Bake Off Everyday.”

  1. That looks yummy Sam!!! We’re off to France on Friday staying in a house in Cognac and I think I might make this when we’re out there!


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