Pistachio Cupcakes

The pistachio nuts are ground up in my food processor.
The pistachio nuts are ground up in my food processor.

Last Thursday I was feeling rubbish. It was the last week of the school holidays and I was trying to get lots done.  But my body decided to make me go down with a cold. It started on the Tuesday morning as a sore throat.  I thought nothing of it at first and put it down to snoring the night before! But the sore throat did not wear off and by Wednesday had turned into a horrible cold.  By Thursday although it was nothing really in the scheme of things I felt very low.  I was meant to be meeting my Mum and our friend for a picnic in Clumber Park about an hour’s drive away from me over the border into Nottinghamshire. I hadn’t seen much of my Mum over the summer and I hadn’t seen our friend for ages either. I thought, well if I’m ok by tonight, we can still go!

I went ahead and did the baking for the picnic. I started off with Pistachio Cupcakes, a recipe I found on the Good Food IPhone Cake App. I love pistachio nuts and thought these cupcakes sounded pretty with their pastel colouring. Here’s how they were made:

Pistachio nuts chopped up in the food processor. About 20g were reserved back from a 100g bag to be kept for the cupcake toppings.
Butter, self raising flour, sugar and free range eggs were beaten up together in the all in one method. I used my hand held whisk as I couldn’t be bothered to get my Kitchen Aid out of the cupboard.
Finally, the chopped pistachios were folded into the mixture.
The mixture is spooned into the cupcake cases. I used silver foil ones.
The cooked cupcakes come out of the oven after about 20 minutes.
The cupcakes are then lifted to cool down onto a wire rack.
I mixed up some fondant icing and added a tiny bit of green food colouring to it. Unfortunately the icing was a bit too runny!
Each cupcake was decorated with two or three whole pistachios.

It was a shame that at the end I decided I felt too rough to go to the picnic. The baking I had done remained at home and got troughed over the next few days at home.  My children don’t really like pistachios so luckily these lasted a lot longer than the other things in the cake tin!

Happy Baking.

Love Sam xx

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