Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge- The Great British Bake Off Everyday

You  must all think that all I do is bake from The Great British Bake Off Everyday book.  It seems like so at the moment though I have been using other books as well.  It’s just the way things have turned out over the past month or so since the book has been published!

Last Monday I went back to work after six weeks off for the summer holidays.  I really enjoyed the summer break, we had a relaxing holiday in Spain but not only that I had a great chance to catch up on all the neglected jobs that hadn’t been done.  It was a shame that the last two weeks were shadowed a bit by my dog hurting his leg and me having a stinking cold!  By the time Monday came around I was pleased to be back.

For our training day shared lunch, alongside the Raspberry Shortbread Crumble Squares I chose to make a Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge. This is the very first recipe from the book and is deliciously moist due to the presence of buttermilk in the sponge.  I love using buttermilk in recipes and use it in my scones.

The blackberries were rinsed and patted dry carefully on a piece of kitchen towel. Sadly I had to get these from the supermarket, the blackberries on the hedges round near me weren’t quite ripe enough at the time to pick.
Butter and sugar being creamed together with my hand held mixer.
Adding beaten egg to the creamed butter and sugar.
A large spring form tin was greased and lined with a circle of baking parchment.
The creamed mixture.

Most of the blackberries were studded evenly into the cake. I didn’t mix them in with the mixture as I was worried they would break up and then turn the cake purple!
The cooked cake just out of the oven!
After about an hour I turned the cake out onto a rack by releasing the springform clip.
To liven up the top I poked the rest of the blackberries into the top of the cake and sprinkled it with some sugar.

I was pleased with the cake and although it didn’t look that exciting, it tasted lovely.  It could be served with a scoop of ice cream or creme fraiche but I forgot to take some to school. We ate it plain and I really enjoyed it.  I will definitely bake it again and I think it would also work with raspberries or blueberries if you’re not a fan of blackberries!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx


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