Cappuccino Cinnamon and Pecan Muffins

It was absolutely freezing, I had been out on a long dog walk and craved carbs!  Lots and lots of them.  I could have munched my way through an entire plate of flapjack or sank my teeth into a gooey muffin. Sadly though I am meant to be on a diet but hormones, tiredness and general running around meant that I was desperate for a pick me up!

At the moment when my kids come in from school they are always hungry, especially my son.  He has hollow legs and loves to eat something to put him on until tea time.  There was nothing in the fridge or cupboard but there were some baking ingredients I could throw together to make something to fill the hunger gap.

Last month I’d been excited to buy Lorraine Pascale’s latest book A Lighter Way To Bake and had been looking for a great excuse to make something from it.  Her Blooming Brownies from the book had been a success, now I wanted to try something else.  I opened the book and the page fell open on the Cappucino, Cinnamon and Pecan Muffin recipe.

Lorraine says that these muffins are: ” less weighty than your average coffee shop muffin but are still stuffed with lots of flavour,”  This was just what I wanted to hear as I love home made muffins but am always disappointed with shop bought or coffee shop ones.  They are either far too big, too sweet and chemical tasting for me.

First, I had to toast some pecan nuts in a dry frying pan. After they were toasted I tipped two thirds of them into a bowl and kept the rest for the topping.  Then, to give a fine texture I put some coffee granules and caster sugar into my processor. This was then added to the pecan nuts.

In another bowl I added all the dry ingredients together.  Flour, baking powder, cinnamon, bicarbonate of soda, to be precise.  Once that was done I beat one whole egg, coupled with two egg whites, semi skimmed milk, low fat natural yoghurt and sunflower oil in another bowl.  Then, the two bowls of wet and dry were folded together and spooned into some tulip muffin cases.  Finally, I sprinkled the remaining pecan nuts onto the top of the muffin mixture.

The muffins were very quick to prepare and took about 15-20 minutes to bake in the oven.  While they were baking the aroma coming from the kitchen was gorgeous.

I bought these tulip shaped muffin cups from my local Booths. They came in a pack of 48 with 12 each of brown, white, pastel pink and pastel blue cases.
The finished Cappucino, Cinnamon and Pecan Muffins.
The tops of the muffins were liberally dusted with icing sugar.
Too tempting by half! I dug in while they were still warm! Delicious!

The verdict? Well the coffee taste was very strong in the muffins but not too overpowering.  They didn’t taste like a healthier option, they tasted to me like a muffin should with just the right level of sweetness.  I tucked into one straightaway and didn’t feel shortchanged like I do if I eat ones from shops.  I will definitely make them again.  My hubby enjoyed them too, but I think the coffee flavour didn’t really appeal to the children.  Now if it was a chocolate flavour one, then that would be their thing!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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