Cooking The Books February 2014- Lime Curd from How To Be A Domestic Goddess.

The title of this post should actually be Lemon Curd as this is what I ended up making.  Last Sunday morning I attempted to make some Lemon Curd from The Domestic Goddess’ Larder chapter in How to Be A Domestic Goddess. Another chapter to bake from from my Cooking The Books Challenge. Only my local supermarket was clean out of limes. I saw a man putting two limes into his trolley and he said he was after four and there were none left as he’d asked. I bet I’ll go next week and the shop will be inundated with them. I was a bit miffed, the one time I really need something it’s not blinking there!  Well in the scheme of things when there’s starvation in the world, not having any limes isn’t that big a deal so I used lemons instead.

I’ve made lemon curd before successfully so I was thinking this was going to be easy for me. How wrong was I? It ended up being a total disaster and I wish I’d just gone out and bought a jar instead of trying to make my own.

First I melted some butter in a saucepan.
Instead of 125ml of lfreshly squeezed lime juice, I used the same quantity of lemon juice.
Adding the lemon zest and caster sugar. Then I realised I needed to add 3 large beaten eggs to the mixture- oops!!
Whisking the mixture like mad but it still had funny lumps in it!
Eventually becoming smoother and looking more like the colour of lemon curd.
Cooking over a gentle heat but I wasn’t sure how long it needed to be cooked for.
Getting there!
Oh dear!

So what went wrong? I just don’t know, it seemed to come out all lumpy and tasted funny to me.  I wasn’t sure if it was cooked long enough or too much.  There was enough to fill the cake I needed to put it in but I was very disappointed. A great shame.

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