Cooking The Books- March 2014.

A new month means a brand new book to bake from in my Cooking The Books Challenge.  I originally wanted to bake from Dan Leppard’s Short And Sweet but I have this on my Kindle.  My Kindle sometimes goes out of charge at the wrong time and I’m not organised at getting it recharged when I need it. So I’ve had to change to another book, one which I have as an actual paper copy.

The book I nearly baked from this month! Image courtesy of Google Images.

Another of my favourite cooks at the moment is the lovely Jo Wheatley who won the second series of The Great British Bake Off back in 2011.  When her books A Passion For Baking and the follow up Home Baking came out, I couldn’t wait to buy them.  I have baked quite a few recipes from A Passion For Baking but wanted even more of an excuse to try out recipes I hadn’t done before. So this is going to be the March challenge, to bake a recipe from each chapter of A Passion For Baking.

Front cover of A Passion For Baking, image courtesy of Google Images.

Now I suppose to find yummy things to bake in this book and Jo’s follow up book is not difficult.  My family and friends have enjoyed loads of treats from A Passion For Baking in the past 18 months or so but there’s still loads more to choose from.

The book has ten chapters so that means at least ten bakes on top of other things but here’s the plan so far.It might change, but watch this space!

Breakfast; I want to try Singing Hinnies.  They sound like a North East version of Welsh Cakes (which I have a serious addiction to!)

Brunch: Can’t remember if I’ve baked the Blueberry Muffin Loaf or not, but who cares? It sounds delicious and everyone will eat it in our house, which is a bonus!

Family Baking: For one of the Sunday lunch desserts in March I’m going to bake the Chocolate Cardamom Swiss Roll.  I’ve only baked a Swiss Roll once before and it stuck to the tin. So this might end up being a massive challenge in itself. Though my daughter makes fab Swiss Rolls, maybe she might end up helping.  The recipe also uses cardamom infused sugar which sounds delicious. Jo gives instructions on how to make up flavoured sugars to enhance your baking in her book.

Afternoon Tea: Who can remember Jo’s gorgeous macaroons that she baked on The Great British Bake Off?  I’m getting to grips with baking them myself so I’ll be glad of the opportunity to bake some Pineapple and Coconut Macaroons.  They might be a great present for Mothers’ Day!

Celebration Bakes:  We don’t have any family birthdays this month but I do have my Clandestine Cake Club VCake event taking place in March.  The theme this month is Sweet Shop Fantasy so I thought I would bake Jo’s Chocolate Cake and decorate it with lots of yummy sweets and chocolates, it’s just deciding which ones to choose though!

Baking With Children:  As a mum and a teacher I have lots of opportunities to bake with children.  I’m going to revisit and adapt an old favourite: Chewy Fruity Flapjacks as I know my own teenage children will enjoy that, especially if we put chocolate on them as well!

Breads:  I’m a complete numpty when it comes to bread but I was salivating at the thought of the Raspberry Iced Fingers.  I’m going to give these a whirl and hope they turn out half decent!

Biscuits:  I’ve already baked quite a few of the biscuit recipes in this chapter but my family adore peanut butter.  So I’m going back to bake some Peanut Butter Cookies but I’m adding something extra special to the dough!

Pastry:  For a Saturday night supper I’m going to try and bake the Onion and Port Salut Tart.

Desserts:  My family love Eton Mess (though usually I’ve cheated in the past and used shop bought meringues!) This time I’m going to attempt to make them from scratch and that will be another Sunday lunch pudding sorted out!

So here goes!

Happy Baking.

Love Sam xx

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