Let’s Bake (Cathryn Dresser)- Pitta Breads.

About a month ago I was really excited to buy the lovely Cathryn Dresser’s book “Let’s Bake”.  It is a fabulous book but then I always knew it would be as Cathryn has been one of my favourite contestants on The Great British Bake Off so far.  I think she owns the expression “Oh my giddy aunt!” now.  So when her book aimed at baking with children came out, I just had to have it.  Although my own kids are now teenagers  I knew they would enjoy using it just as much as younger children.  And as I work in a primary school we tend to do a bit of cooking now and again when it fits in around curriculum demands.

About two weeks ago I chose to make a chicken curry for tea but thought about having chapatis or naan bread with it instead of rice.  My hubby and son aren’t that keen on rice but love their bread so I thought I’d have a go at baking something to go with the tea.  I found Cathryn’s recipe for her perfect Pitta Pockets would go down well and they were much easier to bake than I thought they would be!

Here’s how I got on:

Flour, yeast and salt in a large mixing bowl ready to be mixed in with some warm water.
Now combined to make a ball of dough. This was kneaded for about 10-15 minutes on my floured worktop.
The ball of dough was put into a mixing bowl which had been lightly oiled. I put it in my utility room and covered the bowl with some cling film.
After two hours the dough looked like this thankfully!
I split the dough into 8 equal pieces and rolled each one out thinly so that they were flat.
Here are two of the pittas after they had been baked in the oven. They were puffed up but soon deflated!
All ready to serve with our Chicken Curry.!

We absolutely loved the pitta breads and as they were so easy to make I know I will be making them time and time again.  They were so much better than shop bought ones.  My hubby would have eaten more if he could.    Cathryn says that “any homemade bread is best eaten fresh on the day but these will keep for 2-3 days wrapped in cling film”  No cling film needed here, they were so delicious it wasn’t needed.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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