Strawberry Yoghurt Bundt and Muffins.

Strawberry Heaven.

Last Sunday afternoon I wanted to bake our usual pudding but was keen to try out my latest bundt pan to add to my collection.  Lakeland are selling two genuine Nordicware Bundt pans at the moment, the Jubilee Bundt pan and a 6 cup Traditional Bundt Pan.   I have bought both because not only do they look fabulous I know they will last a lifetime.  The traditional bundt pan is a little bit smaller, so with the remaining cake batter I made them into half a dozen matching muffins!

If you are looking for a foolproof bundt recipe then I suggest you look no further than Rachel McGrath’s website Dollybakes.  She has a wonderful array of bundt recipes and ideas on her website.  Just look for Build A Bundt and Bundts On The Brain.  I’m always looking on her website as I can’t wait to see what Rachel will create next!

I used Rachel’s “Build A Bundt” recipe to make my Strawberry Yoghurt Bundt.  I used two pots of Longley Farm Strawberry yoghurt, some chopped fresh strawberries and flavoured the batter with some strawberry extract from Lakeland.  To make the icing I made a simple glace icing, tinted pale pink with food colouring and once again flavoured with strawberry extract.

The baked strawberry yoghurt muffins- naked!
So impressed with the bundt pan. As ever the cake slid out of the pan easily and without trouble.
The mixture had enough batter to bake half a dozen matching muffins to go with the bundt.
The finished bundt cake. I piped the glace icing on using a piping bag but without a nozzle.
View from the top. The strawberries are British but not home grown. I’ve only had about 4 strawberries that size from my meagre crop so far!
A slice of Strawberry bundt. Mega diet fail here, just couldn’t resist!
Showing the cake cut up. Half stayed at home, the other half went to work with me the next day!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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