Mango Sandcastle Bundt Cake

About two weeks ago I went along to the Pudsey and West Leeds’ Clandestine Cake Club event, held in Stanningley.  It was a great afternoon and we had a fabulous time eating cake, drinking tea and catching up on all of the gossip before watching The Cake Man do a decorating masterclass.  The theme was Showstopper Cakes so I had to think of something special to bring along.

Here’s a link to the event as publicised on my lovely friend Sharon’s (the group organiser!) blog, called Humbug’s House.

Over the past year or so I’ve got into baking bundt cakes fuelled by several other members of Cake Club who love them as well.  It’s started off a little bundt addiction and I can’t wait to buy more pans to add to my collection.

2014-07-02 17.15.00
My collection of Nordicware Bundt Pans, have since bought a honeycomb shaped one!

In the end I decided to bake a Sandcastle shaped bundt cake as at the time it was nearly the start of the summer holidays and I was dreaming of taking my kids to the seaside!  I’d bought the sandcastle shaped bundt pan from a local shop to me Boroughbridge Hardware which sells some bundt tins and needed a good excuse to use it.  I also wanted to find a summery flavour, hence the mango yoghurt.

To bake my bundt cake once again I turned to the fabulous Rachel McGrath’s Dollybakes’ website and used her Build A Bundt recipe.  I used some Onken Mango, Passionfruit and Guava yoghurt (with a rude note written in permanent ink on the lid so my hubby and kids didn’t nick it) as well as some chopped fresh mango to add to the summery taste.

As with many of my baking experiences at the end of term they are often rushed due to being so busy.  So as you can see from the decoration on this cake it looks like it’s been decorated by a three year old.  I rushed the piping as I knew I had to get the cake finished before starting on the tea. I also kept getting interrupted.

2014-07-18 17.10.00
The finished sandcastle bundt cake. My daughter helped me with the base- we used brown sugar and popping candy to look like sand.
2014-07-18 17.10.06
I got a mixture of sweets to decorate the bundt with- I couldn’t help nicking a few Jelly Tots along the way though, ooops!
2014-07-18 17.10.27
There was enough mix left to bake three muffins so I decorated them with the same icing and sweets I used for the bundt cake.
2014-07-19 14.07.57
On display and waiting with all the other yummy cakes at Cake Club! There were three bundts this time- Sharon’s Blueberry and Elderflower Butterfly bundt and Jessica made a Chocolate Gingerbread House on a Wicked theme.

I thought the cake tasted deliciously moist and I did like the mango flavour in it, I brought back some leftovers for my family and they dived into it.  I love the sandcastle bundt tin as I know it will be great to turn it into a princess castle or  a knight’s castle in the future!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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