Cooking The Books- A Brand New Challenge For August 2014.

A new month and that means a brand new book in my SmartCookieSam Cooking The Books Challenge. I’ve chosen the fabulous Scandelicious Baking by Signe Johansen for this month’s featured book. I’ve just recently discovered Scandi baking and how delicious it is through going along to the brilliant Balderzens in Harrogate. The owner, Paul’s grandmother is Norwegian and he often uses her recipes in his cafe. I was also lucky enough as former organiser for Harrogate Clandestine Cake Club to be able to hold one of our cakey gatherings there. When we were at the event we were told that some of the cakes served in the cafe were also based on Signe Johansen’s Scandelicious recipes. I went out and bought the book and found lots of things I really wanted to try myself!

So what am I going to bake? Well it all depends on a couple of things really. Will my family eat it? Will it be something which will fit in around all my other plans? It also depends on how long the book is and how many chapters it has. Scandelicious has six chapters so this means I will try for about 1-2 recipes per chapter. Watch this space!

First up is the Breads, Rolls and Flatbreads chapter, so for this I’m going to go with something I know my kids will eat, some Spelt Picnic Buns They should go down well at breakfast or if we need to take a picnic anywhere.

Last month I tried a savoury cheesecake for the first time and loved it. So I would love to try the Cheese and Onion Cheesecake from the Savouries chapter. From the same chapter is a recipe for a Fish Gratin which I’m sure all my lot will eat!

The third chapter in Scandelicious is called Pastries, Sweet Buns and Muffins. I must admit I always run away from patisserie style baking as it always looks far too complicated. So. I’ll stick with some muffins instead. My kids would love the Daim Chocolate Muffins.. Whenever I see Daim bars I always think of IKEA!

Now for the chapter I always look at first: Cakes: For this challenge I will be baking two things from this chapter, mainly because I can’t make my mind up between the two. I’ve eaten both at Baltzersen’s and loved them. So we are going for Toscakaka, which is a Scandinavian caramel almond praline topped sponge. Not to mention the equally mouthwatering Upside Down Blueberry and Elderflower Cake.

Onto the Puddings and Tarts chapter where again I was struggling to choose. But I just have to have a go at  the Fyrstekake, which is a Norwegian Spiced Almond Tart.

In the Biscuits chapter there is also a lot to choose from but I want to have a go at the Chocolate Cardamom Biscuits and the Flappenjacken.  I hope I can stop at one.

Let’s see how I get on!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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