Cupcakes Three Ways with Dr Oetker Premium Sprinkles.


On the first Friday evening back after the holidays my school held their postponed summer barbecue.   Usually if it’s needed I bring along some cupcakes or cookies as part of the pudding.  I was looking forward to going along to the BBQ, even though I had been feeling very tired and had lots going on at home.  So, on that Friday morning I shot off into Harrogate to get some jobs done and then whizzed back home to bake and catch up on the chores.  I went into Lakeland to get a couple of things and fell in love with their cupcake carrier. I already have a couple of cupcake carriers from The Works but they are very poorly made and the base which the cupcakes sit in isn’t level.  So my eyes lit up when I saw the cupcake carrier which worked like a carousel and two dozen cupcakes sit neatly on top of one another inside a pretty cupcake shaped dome! I thought this would be perfect to transport my cakes in without resorting to my giant plastic boxes which take up so much room.

My new cupcake carrier from Lakeland showing how 24 cupcakes can stack carefully on top of one another easily.


I must admit I get a bit carried away when I get to the baking aisle in any supermarket.  It doesn’t matter what supermarket it is or whether I actually NEED those decorations but I feel as if I just HAVE to have them.  The other week I was in Tesco and spotted Dr Oetker had brought out a new range of sprinkles called their Premium Range.  I liked the look of these as they were a bit different to the old silver balls and hundreds and thousands you see everywhere.  I chose three different pots: the Banoffee Sprinkles, some Rainbow Popping Candy and some Lemon Meringue sprinkles.  All of these I knew would end up on top of some cupcakes or a traybake that I would take along to school or a coffee morning somewhere along the way.  So our school’s BBQ was the perfect occasion to give them a try out.

I matched or complimented the flavours of the sprinkles to the flavours of the cupcakes and used my regular recipes which I use all the time for cupcake baking.  So once I was home from Harrogate out came the mixer and all my ingredients.  I put on all the programmes I hadn’t seen on BBC Iplayer and immersed myself with my favourite hobby.

Here’s what I came up with:

Here are my vanilla cupcakes finished off with vanilla buttercream and the Dr Oetker Popping Candy Rainbow Sprinkles on top.
Second lot of cupcakes to be baked: these are my chocolate cupcakes topped with a chocolate buttercream and finished off with the Dr Oetker banoffee sprinkles.
The final bake was these lemon meringue cupcakes finished off with lemon buttercream and with the Dr Oetker Lemon Meringue Sprinkles.

However, my day didn’t quite go to plan.  My daughter goes to dance class on a Friday evening and my hubby had offered to pick her up on the way home from work.  Anyway, he rang to say he was stuck in a massive traffic jam on the M1 and couldn’t get to my daughter in time.  So I had to pick her up.  This was about the same time as the BBQ was starting.  I had to get my daughter home and put the dinner on instead of hubby so in the end we went via school and dropped off the cupcakes but I couldn’t stay for the BBQ.  It was a lovely sunny evening too and I would have liked to have gone.  At least 3 dozen cupcakes got to where they were meant to be going!

Two out of the three dozen cupcakes ready and waiting to be taken off to the BBQ. The other dozen went in my not so good cupcake carrier.

The cupcakes were very well received at the BBQ.  I never tasted any but people told me they were lovely and the children went mad for the popping candy ones.  Definitely a big hit then, will be buying those sprinkles again in the future.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx


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