Boxing Day/ St. Stephen’s Day Muffins- The Great British Bake Off Christmas.

26th December 2017.
These muffins are a great way of using up all that leftover Christmas Pudding.  Only Mr SmartCookieSam and I eat Christmas pudding in our house but our two children don’t like it.  My daughter usually makes a dessert for herself and her brother.  This year she baked a delectable Salted Caramel and Chocolate Roulade but last year it was Sticky Toffee Pudding. 
As it was just the four of us for Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year I knew there would be loads of Christmas pudding left.  Mr SmartCookieSam was a bit put out that I used some of our Christmas pudding leftovers for something else but I had made the pudding at the end of November even before I knew who was here for Christmas and who wasn’t. 

In The Great British Bake Off Christmas book, the recipe introduction states: “St. Stephen’s Day is the Irish holiday that we more typically call Boxing Day.  As to be expected, 26th December marks the start of enjoying all the leftovers from the previous two days and these boozy muffins are no exception,”

The recipe makes 8 good sized muffins so I found some left over Christmas themed muffin cases in the cupboard and put them into the muffin tin first, even before switching on the oven.  I would not call these muffins healthy by any stretch of the imagination though I ate one for a late breakfast on Boxing Day!  They contain sherry as well but 3 tablespoonfuls for the whole batch.

My son was working all day so I baked them after I had driven to York to drop him off at work.  When I got back Mr SmartCookieSam and my daughter were out so I had the house to myself.  I set up BBC Iplayer in the kitchen and caught up with the Christmas Special of Call The Midwife while I baked and cleared up in the kitchen.  

The muffins were quick and simple to make which is what you need at this time of year when you are battling with the Christmas leftovers.  I took 200g of the leftover Christmas pudding off what was left and crumbled it into a bowl.  There was still plenty left! 

In another bowl I mixed together flour, baking powder, some mixed spice and some light brown muscovado sugar into a bowl.  In another bowl I whisked together two eggs with some milk and some melted butter.  Though the melted butter nearly got left in the microwave and got forgotten to be put in the bowl! Ooops! I then raided the drinks cabinet and took out three tablespoonfuls of sherry. I don’t like sherry but I had a cheap bottle bought last year for the trifle.  The two mixtures were then folded together carefully along with the crumbled Christmas Pudding.

After baking for 20-15 minutes the muffins came out of the oven.  Tbey had turned a gorgeous golden colour and although well risen did not rise as much as shop bought muffins do.  I must admit they tasted amazing though and I had one there and then for a late breakfast.  I had one the following day, too! 

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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