Lotus Biscoff Blondies: #100bakeschallenge

These Biscoff Blondies are absolutely lush and I make loads of these.

I wanted to scratch off another two recipes from my #100bakeschallenge this week. I’d already made some pizza dough on Monday for challenge number 5 which incidentally was also World Pizza Day! Saturday 22nd January was also Blond Brownie Day. I had to make some Lotus Biscoff Blondies so great: another challenge could be scratched off my #100bakeschallenge poster. I’m aiming for on average 2 challenges a week, although this might not go to plan if I have a busy week or if we’re away on holiday!

My #100bakeschallenge poster on the back of my office door. Six bakes now scratched off with another ninety four to do by the end of the year!
The Blondie square has now been scratched off. I was making Biscoff Blondies anyway!

My new go-to recipe for Lotus Biscoff Blondies is by Jane’s Patisserie. I’ve tried several recipes but this one always works for me. It provides, thick and chewy blondies studded with chunks of white chocolate and filled with Lotus Biscoff spread. It’s topped with crushed and broken up pieces of the Lotus Biscoff biscuits.

These brownies are huge and decadent but oh so good.

I sometimes find it difficult to get hold of some of the biscuits, to be honest. Recently I’ve only seen the circular sandwich ones in my local Morrisons or Tesco. Then another time I had to buy the “lunchbox friendly” packets which come packaged in pairs. These are so much more expensive. I’ve found some at my local wholesalers now, thankfully. I don’t have any problem sourcing the spread, although I think I have some greedy fairies who come and steal spoonfuls of it out of the pot. It’s the same fairies who like my Percy Pig and my M&Ms stash!

For the recipe, click on this link here:


This is another version of the Biscoff Blondies which I’ve made in the past. If I can’t get hold of the traditional Biscoff biscuits, then I’ve added twelve sandwich ones to the top of the blondies (one for each portion) I don’t think they look as nice, though.
I’ve also added extra melted and drizzled white chocolate to the top of my Biscoff Blondies in the past.

As with Brownies, I like adding in different flavours to Blondies. Last Easter I made a few Mini Egg blondies, which were very popular.

I love Mini Eggs! Now they’re in the shops again, I’m trying my hardest to not buy any until I need to bake for customers.

Have you enjoyed baking Blondies? If so, what flavours do you like to include in yours?

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

One response to “Lotus Biscoff Blondies: #100bakeschallenge”

  1. Your bakes and photos look awesome Sam! So yummy! Thank you for the recipes.
    As for the difficulty scratching the pictures on the 100 bakes challenge…there is bad news and good news. The bad news is, it’s not just the door your poster is on…the grey part just doesn’t scratch off well, even on the smoothest of surfaces. I’ve struggled massively with it too! The good news is I discovered IPA (a form of alcohol in a spray can) which is AMAZING and gets it off perfectly. Especially all the bits that don’t scratch off. You might have to persist just to get started but it works like a dream. It’s also brilliant for sticky label residues and generally cleaning stuff. Try some from Amazon or similar and you’ll soon be able to post beautiful photos of your poster. Xxxx


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