National Oreo Cookie Day

Who likes Oreo cookies? I do, although they’re not my favourite cookie. I like baking with them, though. I like the mini ones best, which are the lunchbox bag ones with six cookies inside.

Oreo Brownies are always a massive hit and were a perfect way to celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day on March 6th.

Yesterday (Sunday, March 5th) was National Oreo Cookie Day according to the My Legoman Foodie Days Of 2022 calendar. When I brought the mini Oreos out from my secret baking stash, my son was in the kitchen. I was rumbled and he was desperate for me to hand them over. None left, son!

I bought this box of 6 mini Oreo lunchbox style bags when I was in Home Bargains the other day. I can’t always find the mini ones.

It was difficult to choose what to bake with my mini Oreos as ingredients. I’ve used them as cupcake toppers before and also in Brownies. But never made chunky, chewy American style cookies with them. That will have to wait for another day, as I was fulfilling a request for Brownies and also scratching off another challenge for my #100bakeschallenge poster from Crumbs by Collette.

Another challenge scratched off my #100bakeschallenge poster from Crumbs By Collette. That’s 12/100 ticked off the list now!
Mmm, time to make some Brownies! I always use Callebaut chocolate chips in my brownies.
Once the mixture went into my prepared brownie pan, I studded all the Oreo cookies into the mixture. I put them in haphazardly to make it look more interesting!

I adapted the Jane’s Patisserie recipe for my brownies. Although these are mint Oreo brownies (heaven!), I substituted in all of the mini Oreos instead of the mint ones:

Usually when I bake brownies, I cut them up into 12 pieces. This time I cut them up into 16 pieces as they are huge!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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