#100bakes: Victoria Sponge.

You can’t beat a traditional Victoria Sponge. It’s got to have fresh cream in it, for me. I also prefer it sprinkled with caster sugar, rather than icing sugar.

A Victoria Sponge is another bake to scratch off the #100BakesChallenge Poster. I chose to use Mary Berry’s recipe, which always works for me. Instead of the traditional jam,

I also used cherry curd which I had found in my local Booths Supermarket when I had bought it to try a couple of months back. It was a pretty dark pink colour and made a beautiful contrast to the whipped cream!

Mary Berry’s Victoria Sponge Recipe

This cake was baked on Friday evening and donated to the Cake Stall at our Village Hall Coffee Morning last Saturday. It was bought as a whole cake and I hope the buyer enjoyed it!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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