#100bakeschallenge: Sausage rolls and scones.

For Mother’s Day this last Sunday I made an Afternoon Tea for my own mum, Mr S and I to enjoy. My son is away at uni and my daughter was working, although I did get to see her in the morning and then she was home to enjoy the Afternoon Tea leftovers later!

Our simple but delicious Afternoon Tea for Mother’s Day.

For our Afternoon Tea I wanted to make things that were actually things we would want to eat ourselves and not necessarily those high end patisserie things or Instagram perfect cupcakes. It was also about getting out my late mother-in-law’s beautiful rose patterned tea set which includes a double tier cake stand and using it in her memory on Mother’s Day.

When I make Afternoon Teas for customers, they usually get a choice of four sandwich fillings and two different types of bread. But I simplified it down to the same bread (multigrain) and three fillings: egg, ham and mustard as well as chicken and pesto.

I chose to make my own sausage rolls, though I will let you into a secret. I bought ready made puff pastry! Shock, horror! But then even Mary Berry uses ready made, so if Mary says it’s ok, then I’ll go with that. I can’t be bothered wasting time on making it myself. Although, I do make my own shortcrust. I always buy good quality sausages for the filling and for these I used a Tesco Finest one. I can’t remember the exact flavour but they had tomato and pancetta in. They gave the sausage rolls a lovely flavour. The puff pastry was ready rolled and I cut it into twelve equal rectangles. I cut the six sausages in half to give me twelve and rolled them up carefully securing the edges and brushing the outside with egg wash.

These sausage rolls baked in the oven for about 20 minutes and came up beautifully puffed up and golden.

An Afternoon Tea isn’t the same without scones, jam and clotted cream. Don’t get me started on the #jamfirst or the #creamfirst argument. For me its definitely #jamfirst! I chose to bake my scones without fruit in, this was mainly because I didn’t have any sultanas left and we were already having dried fruit in the Bara Brith I was also making.

For my scone recipe, take a look at this blog post!

Sultana Scones- My Favourite Recipe

Looking on my #100bakeschallenge poster from Crumbs By Collette, I realised I could scratch off two more challenges for the Sausage Roll and the Fruit Scone. Yes I know it was minus the fruit but I’ve made so many batches of Fruit Scones in the past, I thought we could overlook that one!

Here are the latest two squares scratched off my #100bakeschallenge poster from Crumbs by Collette.
Jam and Rodda’s Clotted cream to go with our scones.
Team Jam First here!

As well as the scones, I chose to make another Bara Brith. It’s another of my mum’s favourite cakes and Mr S loves it as well, so it was a definite winner for our Afternoon Tea.

Here is the link to my Bara Brith recipe posted a few weeks ago for St. David’s Day:

#100bakeschallenge: Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes.

With butter spread on the Bara Brith.

Finally, as an extra I also made some Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Egg Brownies. They’ll be on another blog post very soon.

My Terry’s Mini Egg Chocolate Brownies.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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