Bakewell Slices #100bakeschallenge

These Bakewell Slices were so simple to make from one of Mary Berry’s classic recipes.

Hey everyone! How are you doing? How did you cope with the scorching hot weather last week? Not the weather for baking, I can tell you. Not the weather for any type of cooking to be honest.

As I type, it’s the first weekend since I broke up for the summer holidays. I’ve been playing catch up ever since and I’ll be spending the next few days trying to get the house straight. I’m also determined to catch up on my #100bakeschallenge. My #100bakeschallenge poster, in case you’re wondering was a Christmas present from my lovely cake club friend Amy.

This afternoon I chose to make Bakewell Slices. Not the Cherry Bakewell style ones with glace icing and a cherry on top, but ones with flaked almonds pushed into the frangipane mix and baked in a giant traybake tin. A homemade version of Mr Kipling’s Almond Slices to be exact. I love Bakewell Slices and anything with almonds in is just divine.

I used my traybake tin to make the Bakewell Slices and it managed to yield 16 large fingers.

I used Mary Berry’s recipe from her Baking Bible Recipe Book and the recipe couldn’t have been simpler. A link for the recipe I used is below:

Another traybake type recipe from Mary Berry which always works out well in a 30cm x 23cm traybake tin and can be cut into fingers or squares. I chose 16 slices. Looking foreward to my family’s verdict: I’m abstaining!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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