The Harbour Blanket (Attic24 CAL)

The Attic24 Harbour Blanket CrochetAlong or CAL ran in January and February 2022, although you can still download all the patterns from the Attic24 website and buy the yarn pack from Wool Warehouse.

Until recently I had two Facebook pages managing my two side hustles- SmartCookieSam is my baking business and blog and I also had Sammy Jane Stitches which showcased the baby and single bed size crochet blankets I started making during lockdown. It’s so time consuming managing two pages, two Instagram accounts and a separate Twitter account. All this and trying to juggle family life and do my day job as well. To make everything fit together, I’ve added the crochet side of things to SmartCookieSam on all my social media platforms. That’s where the main followers are as I just don’t have the time to set up another page from scratch.

Such a soft and squishy blanket with bright colours to liven up a dull day.

For more background on my crochet, do have a look at my separate page on here: Crochet Blankets To Order.

For this post I am going to share how I joined in the Attic24 Harbour Blanket CrochetAlong (or CAL for short) at the beginning of this year. I love the idea of a CAL and the Harbour one was the second I’d done. In the depths of a dreary grey and miserable winter, the bright and cheerful colours of the Harbour blanket lifted my spirits.

The Harbour blanket colour palette was inspired by the colours of boats and buildings around the harbours on the North Yorkshire coast! Funnily enough, my son had his bedroom decorated with some car themed curtains, border and duvet cover from Next when he was little! It was exactly this colour scheme. Monochrome is more his scene now he’s 22!

With a CAL, the pattern is usually released in stages or parts so you work on it together with thousands of others throughout the rest of the world. For the Harbour CAL, part one was on the first Friday of the new year! Then, for the following five weeks, five more parts to the main part of the blanket were added to the website for us to follow. February Half Term week up here in North Yorkshire coincided with a “catch up week”. Finally, the border pattern was the last part to be given to us in time to bring us up to the end of February.

The Harbour CAL pack from Wool Warehouse. I love my peg swatches which I bought from Etsy last year. They help me to match up some colours, especially when there are similar shades in a blanket. All those blues!

I was desperate to start the first part of the CAL the moment it went live. I’d bought the wool pack from Wool Warehouse just before Christmas and it had been sat in my craft room/ office waiting for me to make a start. I couldn’t get started straightaway: I was at work that morning and then went straight from work to go and get my Covid Booster Jab. I did feel a bit tired and achy the next day but this wasn’t enough to stop me doing any crochet!

To begin with, I always put stitch markers in to help me keep my place.
Cracking on with the first few stripes while I felt a bit rubbish after having my Booster vaccine.
The end of finishing part one of the CAL. Was a bit slow to keep up with it most weeks. Some nights I would have time to crochet, other nights I couldn’t fit it in.
I treated myself to some wooden discs to use on my photos. I have a WIP and a Ta-dah one. They also came from Etsy.
Getting bigger and bigger. But I always leave sewing in the ends up until the last minute. Just in case I end up having to unravel it if I make a mistake. I did frog one row as I did a colour in the wrong order!
Panicking like mad that I would run out of the Lapis shade and I did! At the time of taking this photo, I still needed to allow for two more stripes.
Working on the border took much longer than expected as the blanket was so big! There were five rows with different colours. The green was the fourth row.
I always get a huge sense of pride every time I finish a blanket. Until the beginning of lockdown I had never made a blanket like this.

Throughout the next few weeks and then by the first week in March, I had finished the blanket. It was very heavy by the time I got to the last part of the CAL and I did wonder about leaving a few rows short. But I did think it would definitely make it long enough for a single bed with room for some of it to overhang at the bottom of the bed.

The Ta-dah moment is a wonderful feeling after two months work. But thoroughly enjoyable.

The special Wool Warehouse packs to make the blankets are a convienient way of buying the wool and it does work out a little bit cheaper. Usually there is more than enough wool to complete the kit and often you have leftovers but very occasionally you might run out. I found this to happen with Lapis (the very dark blue shade in the blanket) and ended up buying another ball of it when I was out shopping at my local stockist. I only needed half a row’s worth of wool: how annoying! At least I can use it in another project.

If you would like to find out more about making your very own Harbour blanket, you can still download all the charts from Lucy at Attic24’s website:

If you would like to buy the special Harbour blanket pack, then you can buy it from here. The pattern is not included in the pack.

You may wonder what I do with all my blankets once I’ve finished with them. Some I keep and some I sell. This one is actually for sale as I don’t have room for it!

Love Sam xx

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