Scotch Pancakes #100bakeschallenge

On Saturday September 10th, which was only two days after the announcement came about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. I ended up not eating breakfast until later and then decided we needed a little treat. I had been watching all the news updates and feeling so sad.

I made us some Scotch Pancakes (otherwise known as Drop Scones) and served them with maple syrup drizzled on top and with some berries.

I don’t often make pancakes for breakfast as they are such a faff on a busy morning and I find them a bit stodgy. But these were lighter than ever and what a delicious treat.

Another bake scratched off my #100bakeschallenge poster. Though not technically a “bake” as you only use the hob for these!

Drop Scones/ Scotch Pancakes recipe: I used a version of this one:

The #100bakeschallenge poster:

Love Sam xx

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