The Hydrangea Blanket

August 2022:

I’m so happy I’ve finished this gorgeous blanket from an Attic24 pack and pattern. The Hydrangea Blanket is a soft and pretty single bed sized cover in fifteen different bright and pastel hues. I adore hydrangeas and love seeing them all in different colours. They remind me of holidays on the Isle Of Arran as I have seen some beautiful plants in people’s front gardens. So full of colour. How I wish I could grow them. My two Hydrangea plants died on me last year.

The Hydrangea Blanket kit was bought at the end of last summer but I didn’t actually start it until the beginning of May 2022. Watch it’s progress from balls of wool to a fully finished blanket at the very beginning of August.

One Saturday afternoon of the May Bank Holiday weekend. I always love the start of a brand new project.
The 15 shades of Stylecraft Special DK wool which are used to create the Hydrangea Blanket. My pegs came from Etsy and they are so useful for matching colours and also planning out colour palettes for various blankets.
The Hydrangea stitch is pretty, yet very easy to do. The same pattern is repeated on each row.
Working on the blanket is seriously addictive as I start on a new project. I had to put it down to go out.
Sneaking in a few rows one afternoon
Fast forward to the beginning of July! In the meantime I had worked on another blanket for my Mum and started a baby blanket. I tried to get four stripes done every evening but this wasn’t always possible.
As the weather got hotter, it got harder and harder to work on the Hydrangea blanket. I worked on it during the July heatwave for most of my spare time but had to give in!
As the blanket grew bigger, it was now covering my legs! As it was hot this was getting unbearable!
Scrunching up the blanket or putting it to the side of me helped during hot weather.
August 1st 2022: The border is a simple, but elegant finish to the whole blanket.
The bane of my life: sewing those ends in!

I know there are virtuous people out there who say they always sew their ends in as they go along! I never do, just in case I have to frog any rows. I didn’t with this one but with more complicated patterns, I would be in a right pickle.
Ta-dah! The feeling when you have finished a blanket and put it onto the armchair to photograph. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, of thinking did I create that? Or a time to think, phew glad that’s done. Not with this one. It’s been a pleasure to make.
The Hydrangea stitch pattern is so pretty.
Not very good light as it was well past my bedtime when I took this photo!

The Hydrangea Blanket is now on its way to its new home. I’m hoping the recipient gets to enjoy snuggling under it this Winter.

Love Sam xx

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