Pinwheel Cookies #100bakeschallenge

Monday 12th September 2022

It’s now the second week back to school after the summer holidays. I work mornings only in a local school and this means that the afternoons is devoted to SmartCookieSam when it fits in round my family. This Monday afternoon, I finished work and headed home to catch up on some chores and to make some cookies before going into crochet mode to work on my latest commission. All this while watching the live coverage of the aftermath of the Queen’s death.

This afternoon was time to make Cinnamon Roll Pinwheel Cookies. I have made two tone/ flavoured pinwheel cookies before but fancied doing something different for the next challenge to scratch off my #100bakeschallenge poster from Crumbs by Collette. I saw the recipe in Jane’s Patisserie’s book and had to try it out.

The cookies are made in exactly the same way you would make a Cinnamon bun but with cookie dough instead of yeast based dough! I did think that I could have done with more sugary cinnamon filling to pad out the inside though, but apart from that the recipe seemed to work well.

I had to roll the dough up into a long sausage and then chill it in the fridge for an hour. This worked well as it gave me time to take the dog out for his quick walkies.

The cookie dough was then sliced off in 1cm thicknesses to make the cookies. I got about 18 from my batch. I did space them well apart on the baking trays and even made up three trays so they weren’t going to spread into one another. As you know, I just love anything with cinnamon in it and the aroma of it is just wonderful so my kitchen just smelled heavenly.

We tried one biscuit each, then the rest ended up being taken to work to share with my colleagues. I noticed the box was empty the following day so that was a relief!

Happy Baking

Love Sam xx

Jane’s Patisserie’s book:

The #100bakesposter:

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