The Yuletide Blanket

When Lucy of Attic24 first posted pictures of her Yuletide Blanket back in late summer/ early autumn of 2021, I knew I had to make it. The stunning , bright jewel colours of the Yuletide blanket, coupled with its square pattern made it an extremely popular blanket.

The bright jewel colours of the Yuletide Blanket were so cheerful during the dreary Winter weather.

I ordered my kit in the September when it was released and put it away in my office/ craftroom and planned to start it on December 1st. It was to be my Advent/ Yuletide project to keep me busy if I did have a spare few minutes during the festive season.

I love my shade pegs from Etsy. The Gingerbread one was a new shade for Stylecraft Special DK in 2021 so that’s why it’s the other way round on the peg! I had to buy a separate add on set when the new shades came out!
I love the Attic24 patterns and the complete kits from Wool Warehouse are so convenient. I first discovered these during lockdown.

Fast forward to the beginning of December and I had tested positive for Covid the day before! I was feeling rough although it was more the feeling you get when you get a cold. I managed a few rows on December 1st and 2nd in between watching TV in the spare room on my ipad and sleeping.

This was as far as I got, until I felt too exhausted to do any crochet for a few days.

By the next day, I began to feel so tired and lethargic that I couldn’t concentrate on any of the blanket so I left it for about 5 days. Part of me was crippled with anxiety as my Dad had passed away from Covid only 6 months previously. It also would have been my Dad’s birthday on Day 7 of my Covid self isolation at the time, so I had to miss a family meal where we were going to get together to reminisce. By Tuesday 7th December, although still fatigued I found myself being able to pick up a few rows while still self isolating.

I went back to work for the last week of term and although I found it exhausting, I was only working mornings so I could come home and put my feet up. I managed to work on the blanket in the afternoons and evenings while recuperating.

Several people who were also working on the blanket had run out of the Teal shade as they got to the last row. I managed to finish this with about 1 metre to spare. Thankfully I had some Teal left over from another blanket in case I’d run out. But I didn’t need it in the end.

Thankfully I had enough Teal shade yarn left as
Finished on time late on Christmas Eve after everyone went to bed.
I love the Yuletide pattern and once I’d got the first few rounds in place, it was simple to do. I will definitely be making this pattern again.
The Yuletide Border is made up of seven rounds: double crochet alternated with treble crochet and finishes the blanket off beautifully.

The Yuletide Blanket was finished very late on Christmas Eve, after everyone else had gone to bed. I was determined to finish it so I could enjoy Christmas Day. I was so proud of finishing this blanket at such a difficult time where it took up all my energy just doing day to day things.

My Yuletide Blanket has now gone to a new home as I started to sell my blankets online. I would dearly have loved to keep all of my blankets but I just don’t have the room to store them all. I am hoping the lady who has bought it enjoys keeping herself and her family warm this winter.

Photographed outside this summer all ready to be shipped off to it’s new owner. I’m so glad the recipient loved it and she says if I make more, she wants first choice!

Love Sam xx

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