Dundee Cake

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to bake and I’ve really missed it. Our kitchen has had a revamp- a new floor, painted walls and soon to have new light fittings. Why not a completely brand new kitchen? For a start there is nothing wrong with our old one and we hope to move house eventually. No point in spending a fortune on a new kitchen when our buyers will probably rip it out anyway.

As Mr S had to take the old flooring up so he could paint the skirting boards, we had a bare concrete floor for nearly two weeks. Minimum time was to be spent in the kitchen so that meant microwave or ready made meals for dinner. As someone who enjoys cooking from scratch, heating up ready meals was strange.

The new floor is now down and it looks fantastic. It feels warmer than the old one and I was so excited to get back in the kitchen and bake.

I chose to make a Dundee Cake as my first bake back in the kitchen. Not only is it a bake we both love, but it is a challenge to scratch off my #100bakeschallengeposter.

My favourite Dundee Cake recipe comes from those amazing and down to earth guys, the Hairy Bikers. I met them both at the Good Food Show once and they signed my Hairy Dieters Book. They were honestly the nicest guys I’ve ever met. No arrogance or full of themselves attitudes like other celebs you see. Their British Classics Book is a favourite out of their cookbooks and I’ve made the Dundee Cake several times over the past four years.


This is the link to the recipe on the website, although as I mentioned above, it is also featured in the British Classics Recipe book.

A bit of history behind the Dundee Cake: it was made by the Dundee Marmalade Company, Keiller’s back in the 19th century but has also said to have been invented as far back as Mary, Queen Of Scot’s time. It was also rumoured that our late Queen Elizabeth II liked Dundee Cake. The feature of the concentric rings of almonds studded into the top of the cake is what makes a Dundee Cake recognisable. This version has glacé cherries inside but some usually don’t.@samssmartcookies

Dundee Cakes usually keep well for up to six weeks if they are wrapped up carefully. However, we love eating them so much, they don’t last that long!

Here’s how I made our Dundee cake!

All the ingredients needed to make a traditional Dundee cake.
Don’t tell Mr S I’ve taken some of his whisky to make this cake. It was only two tablespoons though.
Creaming the butter and brown sugar together.
A special ingredient in Dundee Cake is marmalade. Even better if it is traditional Dundee Marmalade.
I love the multicoloured cherries. I bought these at a local food shop to me in Northallerton. Lewis and Cooper is amazing and has a wonderful choice of baking ingredients. My idea of heaven.
Levelling the mixture in the tin to put in the oven.
I love my cake slice my daughter bought me a few years ago. Happiness is also baking that cake.
Don’t drop it, Sam! 🤣🤣
I love how you can see the coloured cherries showing when you cut into the Dundee cake.
Mr S enjoyed a piece of Dundee Cake with his cuppa after work. His favourite mug is this well loved Wallace and Gromit one.
The Dundee Cake was no 54/100 of my #100bakesposterchallenge.

Update: the Dundee cake didn’t last long in our house. Between Mr S and I we troughed the lot. Sorry, not sorry!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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