Attic 24 Fireside Giant Granny Square Blanket

During September 2022, Lucy from Attic24 released a new blanket pattern, the Fireside Blanket. It was a blanket using Stylecraft Highland Heathers DK and it’s design was made up of lots of squares of varying sizes. It looked stunning but I’m not so keen on doing squares. Especially if there are lots of different colour changes. This stresses me out.

I loved the look of the blanket and had never used Highland Heathers before. It needed to be a blanket which would not detract from the appearance of the wool, yet be cosy and practical.

I had just finished working on a square blanket using Attic24’s Yuletide Blanket pattern with the Moorland blanket pack and fancied making another square blanket. They take shape pretty quickly and I thought if I did a giant granny square pattern, it wouldn’t be too far away from the stitches of the original blanket.

The blanket was started back in the middle of October. I just chose to stay in and make a start on my blanket in the warmth of my house as Mr S was away that night. As with any blankets I make, I’m full of the new project enthusiasm. With a giant granny square, this enthusiasm starts to wane when the squares get so big that it takes you all evening to complete one round!

The Stylecraft Highland Heathers DK yarn is wonderful to work with. I did get confused with these shades as some colours are very similar. I don’t have a shade card or pegs for this yarn, only for the Special DK. I ended up mixing Whisky with Marmalade (shades, not the real thing, haha!) but it didn’t affect the pattern in any way.

I’ve got a diary as shown in the above photo. I write down a list/plan for every day of what colours/ rows I need to achieve. This helps me stick to a timescale for getting the blanket done and also is a record of what comes next in the pattern. Sometimes the plan works, sometimes it doesn’t. I had this far fetched idea of doing 4 colours a night. All very well if you crochet for 2-3 hours solid on an evening and it’s stripes just of the same length. But doesn’t work if you have other commitments- throw in a power cut, being too tired or you’re late finishing off other stuff.

Crocheting in a different spot- I’m in the armchair as Mr S has nicked my spot on the sofa!

I love it when it’s cold and the blanket covers your legs. I always feel so cosy and warm by the roaring fire when I’m making my blankets. Forgive me for my big trotters poking out underneath the blanket. I can’t understand why I didn’t have socks on! It was cold that night.

I must’ve been crocheting on the spare bed that night. Maybe Mr S was hogging the remote so I thought I’d watch something I’d actually like to watch!

Yay! I’m finally onto the border. But I ended up playing yarn chicken with the Whisky colour. Why is it that the wool weighs exactly the same (100g) but yet some have more yardage than others? Answers on a postcard, please!

It took about a month of creating the main blanket before I was ready to start on the border. I chose to use the same colours in the same sequence used in the original Fireside Blanket border alternating a row of double crochet with that of treble. I worried about running out of the Whisky colour which gave the members of the Attic24 Facebook group a giggle. I posted a progress pic and said I was worried about running out of Whisky! They thought I meant alcohol! If only, hahaha! Fortunately there was enough left (of Whisky coloured yarn and the spirit in our drinks cabinet!) And before you ask, no I didn’t drink any whisky while I was making the blanket!

I found the colours of the blanket looked even better in the light. They could appear muted and dark but shown in the sunlight or daylight, looked almost jewel like.

Mr S was out all day doing a postponed Classic Car Rally on the day I managed to complete the blanket. The rally was meant to take place the weekend after The Queen passed away. So as it was a cold, wet November Sunday, I chose to stay at home and catch up on jobs, bake and finish off my blanket.

I really felt so excited about the blanket being finished. It’s a tremendous sense of achievement.

The little Gingerbread person is my SmartCookieSam logo and I sew a mini button onto the corner of all my adult size blankets.

I’m often asked what I do with all my blankets. I have kept a couple of them and the rest I sell. This one is currently looking for a new home.

Love Sam xx

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