Bundt- The New Challenge For 2023

I’m always up for a challenge as well you know. A challenge which I would enjoy: even more so! I’m still working my way through the last few bakes of my #100bakeschallengeposter but they will be fitted in around as and when I can do them. There are about 27 or 28 things left but they can’t all be done in the next couple of weeks!

The front cover of Bundt, a new cookbook dedicated to these beautiful cakes and bakes by Melanie Johnson.
Here was a Strawberry Daiquiri Bundt cake I baked in my Layered Heart Bundt pan. This was a bargain buy a few years back in TK Maxx! Now they never seem to have any Nordicware in.

I had been thinking about what my next challenge could be and was looking through my current recipe books. I must admit some challenges I’ve started before, I don’t always complete. This is usually due to certain bakes being things I don’t like, my family don’t like or they would be so big and complicated in the limited spare time I have. For example, I tried a couple of Great British Bake Off challenges but there was no way I could bake a three tier celebration cake just for the blog challenge. For a start, the cost of the ingredients would be astronomical. I have also attempted challenges where I’ve taken a recipe book from my bookshelf and baked a recipe from each chapter of the book throughout that month. Now this has been a great challenge but I’m trying to cut down on the amount of recipe books I’m buying.

My son bought me the Gingerbread House Bundt pan for my birthday a few years ago. It has been made at Christmas a few times and also turned into this Hansel and Gretel themed cake for a Fairytale cake club event.

One such exception was for Melanie Johnson’s book “Bundt”. As my followers will know, I have a huge bundt pan addiction and started collecting Nordicware bundt pans back in 2010. My love for the cakes and the beautifully crafted pans was escalated as I joined the Clandestine Cake Club and met a couple of other members who loved the pans as much as I do. Having said that, just before the pandemic I did sell a few pans on Ebay as I had too many and they were ones I would definitely have used only just the once. I’ve regretted that decision ever since, though Mr S was glad as he hates my bundt pans taking up space in our house.

Another seasonal favourite was to bake Nigella Lawson’s Fir Tree Bundt.

Recently, I have only bought a couple of pans. 2021 was the turn of the 75th Anniversary pan and last year I treated myself to the Magnolia pan when I was celebrating my 50th birthday in New York. Poor Mr S was not impressed at being made to go into Williams Sonoma after a full day’s sightseeing in the hot weather! What’s more, I still haven’t used the pan yet!

When my copy of Bundt arrived, I was sat down leafing through the book with a steaming mug of coffee and was transfixed. I want to bake every recipe! All 120 of them which are for every occasion from everyday bakes to celebration cakes. I love any old excuse to bake a bundt cake and here is the excuse and my new challenge. As there are 120 recipes, I can’t see me completing this within 2023 as that means nearly 2 a week, every week! Could be manageable some weeks but others- impossible. But it’s worth a try to see how many I can do.

Bundt contains nine chapters:

  • Everyday Bundts
  • Fruit Bundts
  • Chocolate Bundts
  • Starstruck Bundts
  • Swirl It Up
  • Jelly and Ice Cream
  • Bun Bundts
  • Bread, Babka and Bundtnuts
  • Celebration Bundts

So which recipe should I try first? It’s so hard to choose when there’s so many delicious bakes to choose from. I’m going to put it to the vote on my social media channels. I’ll pick a choice of three bundts and the winner will be baked this Sunday. Head over to Instagram, Twitter or my Facebook page to vote!

Most years I have a New Year’s Day tradition of cooking Roast Beef followed by Sticky Toffee Pudding for our family lunch. I didn’t this year as we had Tiramisu. But my 6 Cup Anniversary Pan is the ideal size for Sticky Toffee Pud!

In the meantime, here are a few Bundts I’ve baked in the past and enjoyed sharing with others.

Bundt cakes are not just ring cakes with a hole in them! A definition of a Bundt is anything which is baked in a pan manufactured by Nordicware. My Cinnamon Tear And Share Bundt Cake is a family favourite.
The most recent Bundt I created was this Red Velvet and Cream Cheese one. I added mini Percy Pigs to the top as well as some leftover heart sprinkles.

Do you love baking Bundts or have any Bundt pans? What have you baked and which pans do you have? Do let me know by answering in the comments below. Is there a special pan you are after? I have a wish list!

This Cherry and Almond Bundt was actually a Mary Berry recipe from the Great British Bake Off but was adapted to be baked in a Bundt pan. I used my other Heart Pan for this.

The voting is still going strong as I type (this post was started yesterday but I had to break off to start the dinner!) I’m now finishing this off on Tuesday afternoon in between my day job commitments before putting the post on Schedule for tonight. I’m just off to check which is the most popular!

Have a fantastic evening! Love Sam xx

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