Blue Ripple Yachts Baby Blanket

In between the adult/ full size blankets I make, I also try to have a baby blanket on the hook. This gives me a change and often looks like something which can be made up quickly, therefore making me feel like I’ve actually completed or achieved something. Sometimes when you are in the throes of working on a large blanket, you can feel as if the blanket is never going to be finished. On the whole, I never feel like that with baby blankets.

Last year in 2022, I made three baby blankets. All my others were adult sized. The last one finished on New Year’s Eve in the nick of time, was this pale blue blanket finished with appliqué yachts.

I first started the blanket back in October. I was away with my friends overnight and we were sat in the hotel room watching telly. I don’t like wasting precious time so I always bring along a crochet or cross stitch project to keep my hands busy. Most of the time when I go away I don’t have time for my crafts but this time I needed something to keep me occupied. I was so glad I’d packed a ball of blue baby wool and a hook. I didn’t even know what pattern I would start with.

I started this baby blue ripple blanket back in October 2022.

The pale blue wool is from James C Brett and was bought in my local Boyes. It’s a very reasonably priced baby yarn and I’d already used it for a neutral coloured shell baby blanket a month or so earlier. So I went back to Boyes and bought four more balls of blue and four of pink. I make both traditional colours and gender neutral depending on what is asked for.

As the pale blue reminded me of water, the idea of the blue waves or ripple pattern came to me. Now I’ve got the hang of it, the Attic24 Ripple pattern has been such a joy to make and I’ve made several blankets with it since lockdown.

Once I got home after my weekend away, I put the blanket back in the bag for a few weeks as I was working on other big projects as well: the Fireside Granny Square, my friend’s Giant Rose circular blanket which I haven’t written a post about yet and finally my Woodland Blanket.

After my Woodland Blanket was finished between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I was desperate to get the blue baby blanket finished. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to finish as I was at home and just chilling watching TV. I decided I wanted to make it look more exciting with a couple of embellishments.

Looking on several different websites, I decided to add some appliqué yachts to the blanket. I couldn’t remember where I’d seen some and I was even convinced I’d bought a pattern with it on. I searched all through the crochet books I have and couldn’t find anything. Then it suddenly came to me! The yacht idea was from a pattern by Kerry Jane Designs and it was a download pattern I’d bought. Thankfully it was saved on my iPad.

I chose to make three yachts using Kerry Jane Designs’ step by step tutorial. I made them in three different colours for the sailboats’ hull with the sails being white. A really handy way of using up those oddments of wool leftover from other projects. I chose a navy, bright blue (Stylecraft Special DK Aster) and some red for the hulls.

After a couple of bungled attempts and me wanting to throw the wool into the fire, I managed to produce one sailboat. Phew! The second and third were much easier now that I knew what to do. When I’d finished that, then I decided to appliqué them on straightaway. This was easier said than done as I didn’t want the thread to show on the reverse. I used a white thread and took care to position them carefully.

Finally, just before dinner on New Year’s Eve my blanket was finished. I was so pleased with it and glad I’d got it done in time.

I’ve now startled working on a pink version using the same James C Brett wool. I’m halfway through it now and take it along to the craft group I go to on a Thursday night as it’s easy to work on while I’m talking to the others. I’m also working on the Attic24 CrochetAlong (CAL), the Springfrost blanket now so the pink one has been put to the side.

It’s amazing how quickly the blanket grows once you get started. Ripples are so quick to work on.
I chose to add a plain double crochet border so that it showed the ripples off to perfection.
These yachts were quick to crochet once I got the hang of them. I used the idea from a Kerry Jayne Designs pattern which I had downloaded.
Making up the third out of three yachts.
Before washing and blocking. I put all three yachts in the bottom right hand corner of the blanket. I tried to recreate the effect of the yachts bobbing up and down on the water.

These bright yachts were so cheerful. Although they were fiddly to stitch onto the blanket, I really wanted to make the blanket a bit more special.
Starting a pink version of the Ripple Baby blanket. Again, this is using James C Brett baby yarn. I’m not sure what embellishments I’m going to add to it when I’ve finished, though. At the time of writing, it is still being made!

It’s always wonderful to see everyone’s continued support of my little blog. Whether you’re here for the baking, cooking or the crochet blankets- I’m always blown over by the love and support.

Love Sam xx

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