Chelsea Buns- #100bakeschallenge Paul Hollywood’s Recipe.

A Chelsea Bun is a rich yeasted bun flavoured with citrus zest, dried fruit and cinnamon, dusted with sugar and then glazed with a sticky topping, such as warm apricot jam. They originate from the early 18th century where they were baked at the Chelsea Bun House, an establishment popular with the Hanoverian Royal Family at the time. The Chelsea Bun would have been similar to the pastries from their native cuisine. The buns became very popular elsewhere and are still enjoyed today throughout the UK.

I’ve never made Chelsea Buns before, despite eating plenty in my time!

I have eaten plenty of Chelsea Buns in my time but never made any because of my reluctance to bake anything involving yeast. But since I found a new dough hook for my KitchenAid mixer, I’ve been wanting to try some more yeast bakes. I’m not being lazy using my mixer, it’s just my hands get really warm (the Menopause sucks) and any dough just sticks to my hands. So the dough hook has been a game changer for me.

I decided to try out making some Chelsea Buns last Saturday morning. I don’t get much chance to bake more complicated or lengthy process bakes during the week at term time as I’m at work. Although I say this, I had so much to catch up on. Housework, tidying out a couple of cupboards, food shopping, walking the dog and also going out to a local fundraiser in our Village Hall. I planned to get the dough proving once I’d been to the supermarket as it needed to be left for up to 3 hours.

My KitchenAid dough hook is an absolute godsend in the kitchen.

Not only this, I chose to bake Chelsea Buns as I am still working through my #100bakeschallengeposter. In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, this is a poster available for sale from Crumbs By Collette featuring 100 popular bakes. Pictures of the bakes are hidden under some scratch off squares. As you bake the recipe, you scratch off the squares. The Chelsea Bun Challenge is number 78 out of the 100! I started the challenge on New Years Day last year but I’ve gone in fits and starts with it. It all depends on what I have time to make. I’ve been trying to do at least one a week this year but it hasn’t always happened that way.

The Chelsea Bun bake is the 79th bake from my #100bakeschallengeposter

First things first, to look for a Chelsea Bun recipe. This I actually did on Friday night while I was waiting for my tea to cook. Mr S was away on Friday night and both my grown up children were working. So I bought a ready made pizza from our local village shop and put it in the oven. Usually for yeast bakes, I start looking through the Paul Hollywood recipe books I have and then go from there. He was bound to have a Chelsea Bun recipe in there and he did- in his book The Weekend Baker. Definitely a weekend recipe for me, anyway! From first reading, the recipe looked straightforward. Or as straightforward as it is for me.

As I needed more brown sugar and eggs, I couldn’t start the Chelsea Bun dough up anyway until I had been to the supermarket. I couldn’t believe how early I was up there. Normally on a Saturday morning I’m still in my PJs doing housework at 10.30am if I’m not going anywhere. This time, I had done a bit of housework, showered, dressed and done my weekly,, shop and was back home putting it away in the cupboards at 10.30am.

The dough all ready to prove in an oiled bowl. My warm place for proving is my utility room.
Chelsea Buns are all meant to be a uniform size so they definitely wouldn’t have won a technical bake. But I struggled to get the dough to roll out to a uniform rectangular shape!
Once the Chelsea Buns were straight out of the oven, I glazed them with some warmed apricot jam.

I found a similar recipe online to share with you if you fancy making your own Chelsea Buns.

Too tempting to leave for too long!
This was mine…all mine!

All I can say is how delicious and sticky they were. It was 3pm by the time they were ready and I scoffed one there and then as soon as I had put the warmed apricot jam glaze on top. It was mid afternoon and my lunchtime sandwich was eaten a long time ago. These homemade sticky buns are so much better fresh, aren’t they? I’m off now to eat another one before they go stale!

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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