Pistachio Bundt Cake: Bundt Challenge #7.

Pistachio Bundt Cake

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working my way through my Bundt book challenge. So far I’ve managed one recipe a week. Doesn’t sound like much but I have lots going on in my life at the moment.

Last Thursday afternoon I got home from work late after going via the shops on the way home. I’d really tired that week and recently found I had no motivation to bake or test out any new recipes. I was so disorganised with doing a full food shop- I’ve been going to the village shop picking up things we’ve run out of. But even though I’d been picking the odd thing up from the village shop, I’d still forgotten half the things I did need for my baking.

Now that I’m having a break from taking on orders (just temporarily until things get easier), I haven’t got the level of baking ingredients stock in that I used to have. I realised when I got home on the Thursday afternoon that I needed to have white chocolate and double cream to make the bundt cake for this week.

For this week’s cake I chose to bake the Pistachio and White Chocolate Bundt from the Bundt book. Incidentally it is the bundt featured on the front cover baked in the Kugelhopf pan. I chose to make mine in a different pan, so I found the 70th Anniversary pan which is a beautiful Crown one. This I’ve used a couple of times but not for a while.

I bought the 70th Anniversary Crown Bundt pan when I was in Canada visiting my family.

Sadly, I know it must have been a bad kitchen day. Recently I’ve had a huge loss of baking confidence and I’ve felt a bit hormonal this week. I just really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to bake. Baking is usually a form of therapy to me but today I just felt like why am I bothering doing this?

The first bundt refused to come out of the pan despite being greased carefully. I followed all the instructions, believe it or not. Eventually it came out in three pieces and fell on the floor! I was so annoyed. I had to put it straight in the bin as it had gone on the floor. Couldn’t even salvage the blessed thing for cake pops! At first I just wanted to cry but I’m not one for giving up. I quickly washed out the pan, regreased it carefully and went for Bundt Take Two. This time, despite following the instructions again and keeping it in the oven for the specified time, the cake was rather well done round the edges. Could it have been the fact I’d used a different pan as the basis for the White Chocolate and Pistachio Bundt is the same as the Vanilla Bundt I had baked the other day? Not sure.

Using Sugar and Crumbs’ Pistachio flavoured icing sugar gave the Bundt cake a delicious flavour.

To make the cake into a white chocolate and pistachio flavour cake, i had to think about the topping. The basis of the cake is plain vanilla with no mention of pistachios in. As I had forgotten to buy double cream and white chocolate, I had to think again. I had half a packet of pistachio nuts and half a packet of Sugar and Crumbs Pistachio icing sugar . These were leftover from some ice cream I had made a while back and luckily everything was in date. So instead of making a gorgeous looking pistachio paste with some of the nuts, I just chopped some of them up. Instead of making a white chocolate glaze, I used the pistachio icing sugar and turned it into a glace icing.

By this time it was getting late. I was meant to be going out to my craft group that night. The kitchen was in a mess and I hadn’t started on the tea for when Mr S got home. I wasn’t happy with how the cake looked and I just felt like curling in a ball and crying. I didn’t go to my craft group as it was too late so I stayed in and did my crochet once I’d cleaned up.

Would I try this recipe again? Yes I will but I will stick to the pan specified in the recipe and make sure I have both white chocolate and double cream in, so I can make it properly.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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