Oreo Cookies And Cream Bundt Cake: Bundt Challenge #8.

The Cookies and Cream Oreo Bundt was really enjoyable to make.

Last week was National Oreo Cookie Day. I don’t normally buy Oreos to eat but I love putting them into all sorts of bakes. They bake well or make fantastic decorations as well as being delicious crushed and tossed into ice cream.

I wanted to bake something to celebrate these well loved cookies as well as making another Bundt cake from the Mel Johnson Bundt recipe book. There is a cookies and cream book in the Bundt book and yummy looking it is too!

As I type, I am sat eating lunch in a local coffee shop between work commitments. It’s been over a week since I baked the Oreo Bundt and I’m trying to think back to the baking process. It’s great when I do remember to take some step by step photos as it prompts me to think about how I made the cake. Even so, I’m suffering with terrible fatigue and brain fog at the moment. I forgot to bring the book with me to refer back to. So what words may follow on this page will probably not make any sense whatsoever.

Have a look at a few other Oreo themed bakes I’ve made in the past.

Chocolate Oreo themed cupcakes always go down well.
Mini Oreos work really well mixed into my favourite shortbread recipe.
Not to mention being mixed into a heavenly brownie recipe.
By and far my favourite Oreo themed recipe: my son’s 21st birthday cake. He loves Oreos so it had to be an Oreo cake.

It’s always great to pick which pan to go for in each recipe. I chose the Angel Cake Bundt pan for two reasons. First, I had never used it before! It was bought back in 2018 when I was over in Canada visiting family. If you are reading this in the UK, you may remember the supermarket chain Safeway. They are still going in Canada. I quite liked Safeway- we had a couple near us in North Yorkshire. At the one I went to in Canada, it had loads of baking paraphernalia and a couple of Bundt pans including an Angel cake one which was only $15! It was a shame it sat unused on my shelf for 4 years.

I used my Nordicware Angel cake Bundt pan for this recipe.

The other reason why I chose the Angel Cake pan was due to its smooth sides. All the Bundt pans I have, have got lots of ridged or fluted edges which look really pretty. But for this design, I needed to make a thick icing which would be spread on top of the cake. This would be much easier with a smooth pan surface.

The Oreo batter was quite a runny one and involved mixing boiling water with cocoa powder to make a paste before adding it into the rest of the mixture.
The batter was poured into the prepared tin.
Six Oreos were needed for the filling as you will find out.
Oooh, the mess! The cookies had to be split in half with cream cheese put in between the two cookies. This was to make them much bigger. I found this really messy to do. A couple of the cookies snapped when I tried to separate them. Then the cream cheese just wouldn’t spread on top of the cookies. So messy they are.
Each reassembled cookie was put on top of the unbaked cake so that when it was baked, the cookies would be hidden inside.
Yay! The finished cake slid out onto the rack without a problem. Not like last week!
The frosting was a mixture of icing sugar, cream cheese, vanilla extract and three more crushed Oreos folded in.

Spreading the icing on the cake was ok. I am not the neatest cake decorator but it’s all in the taste for me. It was easy to spread and I gave the cake a couple of layers. Then, to finish, I crumbled the final Oreos from the packet to decorate the top of the cake.

I love having a mixture of large, small and tiny pieces as well as crumbs to decorate the top of my Oreo Bundt Cake.
My work colleagues at school were my taste testers. I came into the staff room at playtime to this sight.
Looking at the cake cut up- you can see the Oreo cookie sandwiches in the batter. I think they do look effective.

I’ve been trying my absolute hardest not to eat sweet stuff recently but this last week I’ve had terrible sugar cravings. I had to cave in and eat some of my cake and I must admit it was much needed. I hadn’t slept well the night before, so a piece of cake to keep me going just was the ticket. The cake was really light and moist. I will definitely be making it again as the chocolatey hit was something else.

Happy Baking!

Love Sam xx

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