Pink Ripple Baby Blanket With Daisy Motif

This pink Ripple Baby blanket is a pink version of the Blue Yacht Ripple Blanket I finished right at the end of last year.

I loved working on the Blue Yacht ripple blanket so much, I decided to make another.

I had four balls of James C Brett baby yarn in my stash and thought another baby ripple blanket would look really pretty in those colours for a newborn baby gift. I did toy with trying a different stitch such as the Attic24 Hydrangea stitch but I love doing the ripple. It’s one of those rhythmic stitches which calms and soothes you as you work on it.

I worked on the pink Ripple blanket in between making the Springfrost CAL blanket. I started on it just before the CAL began on January 5th and then worked on it if I had a spare moment if I’d finished the CAL stripes for that week. I think that only happened once to be honest!

The pink ripple is the same pattern as the blue one made at the end of last year.

I took the blanket along to my craft group I’ve started going to as it was easier to carry around. The same happened when I went to my Mum’s for half term week. It also made a nice change from working on the large Attic24 blanket. By this time the Springfrost blanket was getting so heavy. Not to mention all the balls of wool falling out of the bag every time it fell over!

Working on the blanket between the weeks of the Attic24 Springfrost CAL. This was so relaxing to do and what’s more-no colour changes and only a few ends to sew in!
Working on the blanket sat in my Mum’s lounge. I took my spare crochet hook with me! I left it at my Mum’s by accident too!

By the time the blanket was big enough to start working on the border, I was back home on the Saturday at the end of half term week. I chose to add a few rounds of double crochet and then a pretty scalloped edging to finish off the blanket.

The scalloped edging idea came from Attic24’s scalloped edging on Lucy’s Cupcake Stripe Blanket. It looked really effective on the edge of the pink ripple blanket.

I’ve never made daisy motifs before so I had a practice with making a couple first. The smaller one is from Attic24, the larger from Kerry Jayne Designs.
I went with the large daisy leaf motif from Kerry Jayne Designs’ Freedom Jacket pattern.
Before blocking and pressing.
Stitched in place on the blanket. I thought one daisy would be enough to decorate the blanket.

I must admit I love working on small projects in between the bigger ones to add variety. At the time of writing this post, I have got another baby blanket on the go and hope to have that one finished by Easter!

Love Sam xx

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