My 2023 Temperature Blanket (Part 1)

If you’re reading this and wondering what a temperature blanket is, then let me explain.

The first Temperature Blanket made in 2020 was a rather basic granny stitch one.
My first temperature blanket was a bit of a mish-mash of colours as I had used wool in my stash during lockdown. I had also used a 5mm hook which was far too big.

I started a temperature blanket in 2020 when I was still fairly new to crochet. It was even started before the pandemic and my knowledge of stitches was limited to granny stripes, trebles and double crochet. I was really surprised and naive to realise how big the blanket was even after just one month. As I made it far too big, it also meant I used a huge amount of yarn. When it came to one colour, I found I ran out of it rather quickly.

By the time I got to June 2020 and still in lockdown I thought that I would finish the blanket at the end of June and make another one to represent July-December 2020. I got sidetracked and this did not happen.

My temperature blanket, although basic was a great extra blanket to keep visitors comfortable on my spare bed.

At the beginning of this year I saw lots of wonderful ideas for temperature blankets on Instagram. A few used moss or linen stitch as this is a small stitch which wouldn’t make the blanket too long. The other idea I loved was to make a granny square for each month with one round representing each day’s temperature. I started to work on a moss stitch version but I just couldn’t get it how I wanted it.

When I have 12 squares at the end of this year, I will then put the blanket together. I still haven’t thought about what colour to use yet but one which contrasts beautifully with the colours I’m using in my temperature blanket.

I work in two week blocks on each square as it’s so quick to work up.

I just wasn’t feeling it with the moss stitch version of the blanket.
I found this beautiful wooden shade card from Laurette Crafts on Instagram and this has helped me organise my colours for my temperature blanket.
A new start! The January temperature square is under way!
January 2023: the January square is finished on the last day of the month.
February 2023 and the second square is underway. I do two weeks of the square at a time as the early rounds take no time at all!
It was slightly warmer in February and with little temperature differences.
Bringing the lighter green/ khaki colours in mean some warmer days.
February is finished.
January and February side by side. Obviously, the February square only had 28 squares so I’ll need to add three extra rounds in a neutral colour when I put them all together so that they are the same size.
The March square is underway! Spot the purple: it was a cold day!
It was a bit late getting my March square finished but eventually I did.
Lots more green in March as the weather warms up.
I need to get those ends sewn in but I was too impatient to show off the squares once they were finished!

I can’t believe it’s already the start of the fourth month of the year and hopefully we will get to use more of the lighter green! I’ll post some updates as the blanket progresses.

Have you seen a temperature blanket or even made one? If so, what pattern did you use? I’d love to find out.

Love Sam xx

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