Attic24 Cottage Ripple Blanket

At the beginning of March I decided to have a go at making the Attic24 Cottage Ripple Blanket. The Cottage Ripple was one I’d been wanting to make for ages as I loved all the colours. My favourite colours are in this blanket- the purples, pinks and lavender which echoes the colours found in a chocolate box cottage garden. The sort of garden I would covet if I actually had the time to devote to it.

At the start of every project which involves using Stylecraft Special DK, I always get my shade pegs out. This helps me identify any shades which are similar to one another. I’ve made mistakes like this before and had to frog a few rows when I’ve used the wrong colour. My shade pegs came from Etsy.

Starting on a new project always fills me with excitement and joy.
This WIP was a pleasure to make.

I always start a new blanket with renewed enthusiasm and energy. It’s a fresh start and new beginning. I never get tired of working ripples as I find them so soothing and relaxing to work. The beautiful colours made it even more of a joy to hook.

At the beginning of March it was cosy to work on my blanket while the fire was roaring away.

I am glad my ripples are getting neater. My first attempts at a ripple pattern didn’t look neat and were rather holey in places. I’ve practised with having two baby blankets recently so that would help to make it look more presentable.

I try to schedule in 4 stripes a day/ night depending on what I’ve got planned that day. It helps me work out what I need to get done and gives me a rough timescale to work to. But during March I went away for two weekends and left my crochet at home. Sometimes I take crochet with me but the big blankets take up so much space. So I either take a small project or some cross stitch instead.

When I look at the cottage blanket I keep thinking- do I keep it? But I have more blankets than I know what to do with now. Some get sold, some are special orders and others stay waiting for their new homes. I’d love to keep this one but I have no room for it.
I love it when a blanket gets long enough to keep your legs warm in the colder months of the year. This also means the blankets get heavier and heavier.
Do you have a favourite crochet hook? I do. Mine was bought for me by my lovely friend Sharon, who also crochets. It says “I’m a happy hooker!” on it. It is the best hook for comfortable working. I wish I could buy more like it.

When it got to the Easter Holidays I had some more time for crochet. Mr S was out all day on the first Sunday of the holidays so I spent a happy time cocooned on the spare bed watching TV on my iPad and crocheting.

Getting nearer the end of the blanket.
Finally, I started on the border row during the first week of April. But I ran out of Grape Stylecraft Special yarn. Playing yarn chicken did not pay off this time.

I hate it when you run out of yarn. I genuinely thought I had enough to finish the blanket, but I didn’t. I was so frustrated as you lose your momentum. Near me I have Boyes which stocks Stylecraft Special DK but I don’t always find they have every colour in stock. With the earthquake in Turkey causing difficulties in supplies, which I totally understand, it has not always been easy to get some of the shades you need. I sometimes buy from Wool Warehouse and they are excellent. But being close to the Easter weekend, I thought that post would be slow. I ordered another ball of Grape and about 5 other colours to be able to work on the Sweet Pea and Dahlia blankets. These are going to be my next projects after this one!

It’s so frustrating when you run out of yarn!
On the second Thursday of the Easter holidays while I was in Scarborough for the day, the parcel arrived from Wool Warehouse.
The border is finally being finished! Three rounds- Grape, Plum and then my favourite to finish, the gorgeous Lavender.

I went back to work after the Easter holidays having hoped I’d have the blanket finished for the start of the new term. I didn’t get it finished in time. I finished the border on Monday 17th, the first day back and then spent the whole of the Tuesday evening sewing all the ends in. And for the record, no I don’t sew the ends in as I go along. If I did, chances are I would need to frog the blanket and it would be more awkward to unpick!

It was late on Tuesday evening when my blanket was photographed. Not the best time for lighting purposes but it’s the only place in the house where I can drape the blanket. Mr S had been sitting on it before and I couldn’t very well turf him off the chair while he was watching telly!
Do I sell or do I keep it? Decisions, decisions!

Love Sam xx

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