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This is me!

Hi everyone and welcome to SmartCookieSam! I’m Sam and have recently joined the big Five O club! I live with my husband and two grown up children (a daughter of 24 and a son of 22) who have both just finished uni. We live in the picturesque Vale of York near the towns of Boroughbridge and Knaresborough.

On top of all my baking for SmartCookieSam, my blogging and my crochet blanket making, I now also work part time in a local primary school as a Teaching Assistant. I was a trained primary school teacher and although I love teaching, I want to be able to spend time with my lovely family and to enjoy my other interests in life.

Baking is my way of de-stressing as well as a way of showing creativity. One of my first memories as a child was of baking gingerbread men with my mum, covered in flour and stood up on a chair so I could reach the worktop. The smell of gingerbread men baking still is one of my favourite aromas today! I got back into baking when my children were little, it gave me back the confidence I lost when I gave up work to have babies! When I’ve baked something no matter what I’ve done that day, I feel as if I’ve achieved something.

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Teaching others to bake and cook is a huge passion of mine. A few years ago I ran a hugely successful cookery club at the school where I used to work. I also held a couple of cake decorating demos which were tremendous fun. Look out for some Facebook or Instagram Live videos coming soon!

This is how I roll!

My SmartCookieSam blog is also on here to show some of the bakes I’ve attempted over the past few years and to share some of my favourite recipes with you. Not everything comes out perfect, but heigh ho: that’s life!

Baking cakes for friends and family gives me a lot of pleasure.
Baking cakes for friends and family gives me a lot of pleasure.

Just remember- Cake Makes The World Go Round!

Sam xx

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